3 Important Things to Check before Finally Closing the Deal for Office Space

In searching for office space, you might be concerned with the overall aesthetics as well as the space. Of course, it is important that the place looks amazing and comfortable for your employees. However, these should not be the only criteria that you have to bear in mind. There are other more important things that you need to check before finally closing the deal.

1.Fire safety

The building in which the office space is located must have been certified as safe especially with regard to fire. There must be fire exits, clear signs for people to follow, and alarms that activate right away. There must also be firefighters located nearby just in case a fire breaks out. Not all buildings have been certified to be safe during fire. You need to ask and check if the building has certification before considering renting an office space there.


The moment you sign the contract for renting office space, you are also signing the agreement for the insurance. However, you need to understand that this is just basic insurance. It might not cover everything that you need. It is important to check if the insurance is already enough or you need to buy additional cover from a private firm. For instance, the insurance might cover the general cost but not the individual amount of the items lost during a fire or flood. The insurance is just the back-up in case should there be the occurrence of any untoward happening.

3.Terms and conditions

You have to double check the terms first before closing the deal. There must be a specific clause stating the length of time that you are supposed to stay in the place. You can’t cancel the contract earlier unless there are extreme situations, which should also be listed on the contract. Another clause should mention that the owner of the building cannot kick you out just because he wants to raise the monthly payment and there are other companies willing to pay a higher price. You must be protected from this type of abuse through a clause in the agreement.

Once everything is clear, then you can sign the contract and close the deal. You may also check out serviced offices Swindon for more information on the best office spaces in the area. Given the economic status of the area, it might be easier for you to find establishments where there are commercial spaces for rent. The office is an integral part of your business. The office is the sole workstation from where the future business deals of the company is to take wings.

An adequate safety standard coupled up with proper and better amenities make an office a coveted place to work for most employees. If it takes time before you can close the deal, then make the most of the time that you have. It is better than regretting it later on because you settled for the wrong choice.
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