Ways to Protect Your Vacant Business Premises

If your business property is going to be unoccupied for a significant length of time, you need to protect it effectively. If you are planning to sell the building at a later date, or you are waiting for new tenants, you can bring down the risk of damage to an empty building by taking a few simple steps. No one wants to deal with the consequences of fire, theft, or damage to a vacant business premises. Here’s what you need to do to secure your property so it retains its value.

1. Install Security Systems 

Probably the most obvious way to secure a building, which works for occupied and unoccupied premises, is with security and alarm systems. The type of alarm or security system you install depends on the size of the building and the value of its contents. Alarms will secure your building against unauthorised access, acting as a deterrent as well as alerting you or authorities should anyone enter. Notify the alarm provider that the building will be unoccupied as this will affect the level of monitoring it receives. You could also consider security guards. Patrol guards are an excellent deterrent and can be worthwhile for high value property, although they are significantly more expensive than alarm systems. Cameras also act as deterrents and allow you to more easily identify criminals if they do enter your property.

2. Install Security Lighting Systems

A vacant building is more vulnerable at night and the installation of security lights helps protect the premises from intruders and criminal damage. Motion-activated lights are a good option for saving money as well as making it more difficult for anyone to enter the property or damage it.
3. Use a Property Guardian Company
A property guardian company like ADHOCProperty.co.uk finds individuals to live in your vacant business or residential premises. Property guardians reduce the risk of damage and unauthorised occupation by providing a physical presence as well as looking out for any problems like damaged windows, issues with lights and so forth. Property guardians can be more cost effective than security guards and provide a more socially beneficial solution.
4. Perform Necessary Maintenance
With a vacant building, the longer problems are left untreated the worse the damage will be. You need to keep up maintenance on the building even when it is not in use. Make sure that you check the building after weather events like snow and heavy rain so you find out if any fittings or fixtures have been damaged. Check the roof for any broken tiles or holes which will let in water and cause flooding. Keep gutters clear and prevent ice build-up on the exterior of the property.
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