Using Facebook Marketing on Your Business

There is no question as to how Facebook dominates the social media world. It is truly the number one site where people connect and share their ideas and other stuff online. As for businesses, Facebook has become a venue to gain more customers and increase sales by providing a great platform to market themselves through self-promotion and interaction with customers – Facebook marketing.

There are a lot of ways to use Facebook marketing for your business regardless of the size of your business. Below are some of them:
  1. Make the most of your Facebook Page. One of the most popularly used tools in Facebook for businesses is its Facebook page feature. This is a great free marketing tool for businesses as it helps businesses build their identity not just through product offerings and services listings but also by content sharing probably in the form of links posts, or images all to give a better sense of the business’s personality and character. However, consider the audience you are interacting with. Share contents as long as they are related to your business so that your target audience will enjoy.
  2. Invest in Facebook Advertising (usually in the form of classic ads). Facebook has its own offered form of advertising and that is in the form of Facebook ads that are usually located in the side columns of your Facebook screen. These ads are even considered to be a more specific version of Marketplace Ads.

    A typical Facebook Ad includes a headline with copy, an image, and a link that redirects the user to the entire Facebook page or your business website. This is definitely a great technique to increase likes or driving website clicks. Its features include the ability to set ad budgets, ad testing, demographic targeting by Facebook user data on age, education, location, and interests, and built-in ad performance measurement tools.

    In terms of cost, Facebook advertising can vary depending on the specified targeting options and competition. Nonetheless, Faceobok advertising is certainly a great tool to increase your brand’s interaction with your existing and potential customers, forming relationships that may convert to more customers in the future.
  3. Offer rewards and incentives through Facebook Contests. This is actually a fun strategy that still effectively markets your brand as it can help you increase your fans and brand awareness more importantly. However, as you conduct a contest, know that it cannot be hosted through Facebook itself. Asking for likes as entries is not ideal. Instead, you can use a third-party app to create your Facebook contest and then instruct your audience to the app from your Facebook page. A lot of paid and free tools can help you execute this; Shortstack and Pagemodo to name a few.
  4. Utilize Facebook Promoted Post feature. This lets you pay a flat rate in order to have your Facebook post reach a certain number of users to mainly raise your reach and impressions. Unlike utilizing an ordinary feed wherein there is a chance your followers are offline while you are sharing your contents and other stuff, declaring it as a Facebook Promoted post will enable the post to stick there to ensure it reaches your customers as soon as they are online, thus increasing your post’s chances of being seen on their feed.

    To set up Promoted Posts, just click the button beneath any of your post.
  5. Tag your post as a Sponsored Story. Sponsored Stories are one of Facebook ad types that encourage user’s interactions like Facebook likes and comments. They are said to capitalize on the word-of-mouth marketing concept. Thus, if a user sees that his friends like your page, he is automatically more inclined to pay attention. The goal of this ad type is to create a domino effect in terms of engaging in your page. Once a follower likes your post, the activity will be shown to the feed of that follower’s friends and this might interest them leading to them liking your post too. Unlike other types, you can specify your chosen position for your Sponsored Story.
  6. Facebook Exchange (FBX). This feature lets you take advantage of ad retargeting on Facebook through real-time bidding. You will be able to set a niche depending on Facebook’s web history data. For instance, when a user visits your page on a retailer’s website but did not end up making a purchase, the retailer can then display an ad for that same product on Facebook with FBX. That is why if you have noticed, if you happened to browse for a product on Zalora, you may see the same product getting advertised on Facebook primarily to remind you to push through with the purchase or to check out the brand’s other products.
How does FBX work? The CTR for Facebook Exchange ads is almost half times lower for other web retargeting ads. However, in terms of cost-per-click and cost-per-impression, FBX is known to be cheaper, so the monetary advantage still varies on your business’s needs.
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