Top 10 Home Decorating Tips

Stretch Your Horizon
Rugs, dresser, curtains, they don’t need to be perfectly proportioned to the rest of your room to give your place an expansive feel. Actually, if you want to make a room look bigger put down a round rug or a rectangular one in stripes. They will give this idea of “no boundaries” or a sense that the room continues on. They increase the perception of space. Dressers that fall a few inches short of the ceiling can be less conventional and make a beautifully unique design.

 Less is More
When decorating a home, the less you have the better. Too many collections, displays, furniture pieces, rugs, or pillows can make a home seem overcrowded and small. Keep things simple and evenly spaced. If you have a large collection, consider splitting it and displaying half during one part of the year and the other half during the other part. This principle will also help keep you from overspending and giving more consideration to the pieces you do buy. Make sure that everything has a purpose, tasteful decoration, art, and wall decals can be helpful but the key is to not go overboard.

Go White
From tile to cabinets, to furniture, white is the new black. Not only is it the easiest to match patterns or colors with, but it can make a room seem bigger. Along with this, white helps reflect light which can give any small room a bit of a sunny boost. Pick white laced curtains for the windows, white trimming, and white subway tile for a kitchen. Your house will sing with clean lines and bursts of sunlight. If you’re not a big white fan, try shades of ivory, eggshell and cream.

Check Your Math
Chandeliers are a stunning addition to any home, crystal or shaded. But they can be a bit tricky to gauge size since they often hang alone and not near anything. A good rule of thumb is to take the width of the room in feet and double the number, then convert it to inches. This is the minimum dimension for your chandelier’s diameter. Chandeliers are a truly unique lighting option and are very rarely used. Try hanging one above a dining table or a few over the kitchen island. But be sure to check your math. The same principle applies to furniture especially couches. Make sure to measure the size of your room before you buy one so it won’t take up more space than you expect.

Map it Out
A truly exquisite way to decorate is with maps. Take maps of the region you live in or special places in your life. They will personalize your interior in a way that few think of. If you aren’t a fan of colorful road maps, try sepia-toned large prints or even black and white ones. Since you aren’t using them, they don’t need to have a lot of detail. If you enjoy antiques, try finding pieces that are from around the time your house was built or even later.

Find Your Focus
Barclay Butera calls it the “little black dress” of design. Find a piece that you can build an entire room around like a Belgian linen sofa or a beautiful antique bureau.  If you follow the design of the piece you will see the entire decorating theme unfold before your eyes.  With a linen sofa you can create a neutral palette that is great to accessorize with a myriad of patterns on throw pillows. With an antique piece you can look for other collectibles to display on it or even match it with more modern pieces to create a truly stunning look.
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