Things to known about oral hygiene

Daily oral hygiene includes brushing teeth with a toothbrush. But is that enough? What about the remaining area in the mouth that the brush cannot clean? If you want to improve your oral hygiene interdental brush is the perfect choice.

The right size is important

There are different sizes when it comes to choosing the right brush for your oral health. Make sure you choose a medium brush that will fit everything. Ideally, you should choose the right size for each interdental space. If you are not aware how to do that ask your dentist. This is very important because the brush should not be too small or too big, but to be able to clean between teeth. A large tooth brush cannot clean the teeth properly and it may damage the gums.

The wire used for interdental brush is very thin and fine and has very long fibers. The core is made of surgical wire which is extremely thin and at the same time elastic and durable. This allows interdental brush to fill all the space between two teeth gently and carefully.

Fiber interdental brushes are extremely flexible which allows them to get into the interdental space and perfectly clean the teeth.

 Is once a day enough to clean your teeth? Sometimes it is. But make sure you clean all the important areas and floss before you go to bed.

When you wash your teeth with a new tooth brush it is very likely that there will be a bleeding from the gums. Do not be surprised if your gums bleed at the beginning. This does not mean that you have caused an infection. This reaction it is completely normal during the first week of use.

But if you continue to bleed after one week that means that you’ve got periodontitis and you must treat it immediately because the longer you wait the more complicated it will be.


Dentists can accurately determine size of interdental brushes to use and they will show you how to properly use them. Dr. Waldman Family Dentist will give you the perfect answers.

All are different

We are all different. It doesn’t have to mean that one tooth brush will be good for everyone. On contrary there are different types of teeth and they require special types of tooth brushes. This means that the choice is in relation to age, anatomy and abilities. You will be surprised how much you can learn about the oral hygiene simply by reading.

Seek professional help

You need to seek for a professional help when you don’t know how to properly wash your teeth. There is nothing shameful or embarasing about it. Schedule an appointment at your dentist and ask them how to wash your teeth properly and how to reach the area that are difficult to clean. Dentists have their own techniques.
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