How to Make Your Wine Tasting Club a Success?

A wine tasting club is a fanciful social gathering that can involve friends and family members you may not have seen for a while or even new associates you would like to know better in an atmosphere that is fairly calm and relaxed. People can also share their experiences, love and knowledge of wine, in addition to being a sociable gathering, while other less expert participants can even study more from the more experienced participants. Regrettably, what disheartens a lot of people from arranging a successful wine tasting club is that they think they need to have some sort of expert, professional knowledge about being a wine taster. This is not the case. Even though you do not need to know a lot about wine, throwing a successful wine tasting club includes more than just getting a lot of bottles of wine and drinking them.

According to Bennett Kireker New York , who has started his own wine tasting club, like all fruitful preparation, you need to know what kind of wine tasting club you want to have. You can have a vertical or horizontal tasting party (where the same vintages from different winemakers are compared and tasted or different vintages from the same vineyard are tasted), or simply a cheese and wine paring party. The main issue here is the size of your budget and the quantity of people you expect to come. As an idea for a subject, you may want to consider only tasting red or white wines on the evening.


Sending out the invitations is the next step. It is fine to send them out at least one week in advance. Always ask your visitors to decide how many bottles of wine you will need on the night. This way, you will evade the discomfiture that comes from buying too little or too much wine!

Wine Tasting Games

There has to be at least one game involved if you want to have your club more light-hearted than a serious wine tasting. A good one to try involves either making or buying your own tasting cards where you can record the kind of wine, it’s vintage and the vineyard. Also make certain that people can also record the wine's aroma, appearance and taste. To record, a final score will also be needed as well.

Equipment for a Wine Tasting Club.

The list of the items you will probably need for a fun and successful wine tasting club are:
·         According to whatever theme of party you are having, 5 to 6 bottles of wine.
  • A spittoon for guests into which visitants can spit their wine. 
  • Preferably having smaller glasses. 
  • A couple loaves of French or Italian breads. 
  • To cleanse their palettes between tastings, pitchers of water should be kept for guests. 
  • Scoring cards. 
  • Pencils or pens.
As Bennett Kireker New York said, if you have a few fun wine tasting ideas to entertain the guests, organizing a wine tasting club can be very successful. Most wine tasting clubs do not actually require large number of extravagant decorations, other than a fine table cloth and maybe a few candles to enrich the environment. The thing to keep in mind is to purely use your imagination!
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