Cheapest Ways to Send a Parcel

Looking to send a parcel? We have a few helpful tips to help you save on the costs! These tips are just as helpful for the online retailer who ships multiple packages ona daily basis to the average person who posts items a few times a year to family and friends.

Check out our 5 very helpful hacks that can help you dramatically cut your shipping expenses.

1.    Compare prices online. As with any purchase, take the time to compare the prices of your parcel through courier websites. Many of these websites come with a shipment calculator that gives you an estimate of how much they charge for your item. Compare costs per website to get the best deals. Or better yet, visit shipment comparison websites to a quick comprehensive list of each courier’s prices. You can also use voucher codes to get an even bigger discount from places like Parcelhero.
2.    Send heavy parcels through flat-rate offers. Parcels are normally priced based on two things: the weight of the parcel and the destination. The heavier the load is, the more expensive it will be. However, many couriers offer flat rates for heavier packages, usually anything upwards of 10 kilos. Make sure to ask your courier about flat rate promos as it can save you a significant chunk on your shipping costs.

3.    Wrap your parcel yourself. While many couriers provide packaging for your parcels, more often than not,thesekind of free packaging is limited to smaller packages and letters. If you are sending larger parcels, buying the box and packaging from the shipping company may prove to be more expensive than packing your shipment yourself. Go instead for boxes from hardware stores, thrift stores, and your own recycled boxes and cardboards that are cheaper. It can take some time and some amount of effort but it can definitely save you some extra cash. If you frequently get shipments yourself, keep the boxes, shipping peanuts, bubble wraps, and protective foam to reuse for your own parcels.
4.    Choose the slowest form of shipping. Unless your shipment is urgent, or your recipient is expecting it within a certain number of days, the slowest shipping is the most economical option for you. Those guaranteed 2-day deliveries, 24-hour deliveries, or Priority Mail options may be handy if you want to get something sent quickly but this extra convenience will definitely reflect on your bill.  The longer it takes to ship, the cheaper your parcel cost becomes. Besides, the slowest of most of the big courier companies will deliver within a maximum of seven to ten days depending on the destination which should not be too bad if, again, the parcel is not urgently needed by the recipient.
5.    Let go of unnecessary add-ons where possible. If your parcel is inexpensive, not fragile, or light, and definitely not urgent, forget about purchasing add-ons such as instant online tracking and insurance. And most definitely forget about all these extra purchases when you’re shipping your parcel locally. To secure your package, make sure the names and addresses are legible, the content is securely packed, and ask your courier about the earliest expected day of arrival. Stay in contact with your parcel’s recipient to know when your parcel has arrived. Your courier will also be more than happy to help let you know if the parcel has arrived and has been received on the expected date.
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