Breast Cancer Signs And Symptoms You Can Check Yourself

It is important that breast cancer is recognized at an early stage as this can significantly alter the path a person takes in the journey of battling the disease. There are certain signs and symptoms to look out for when trying to determine if you have the disease or not. And of course, you can always visit a specialist like Dr (Mrs) Annapoorna Venkat.

But before that, we should first understand what the difference is between a sign and a symptom. A “Sign” is typically something that you can recognize as well as something that can be recognized by a person other than yourself. A rash is an example of a sign. On the other hand, a “Symptom” is something only the person with the disease can recognize. Examples of these are pain and fatigue or tiredness.

Having the following signs and symptoms can mean that you have other health conditions. So, it is very vital that after you have seen these signs and symptoms manifested by your body, make sure that you check them with your doctor in order to be positive of what condition you might have. Here are some of the signs and symptoms you should look out for which may indicate that you have breast cancer.

Lump Found In The Region Of The Breast

This is the most common of all the signs and symptoms that are reported in the medical clinic. Most of the time, the woman finds and feels the lump. This leads her to go to the doctor to get it checked out. This lump is characterized to be present at all times and does not go away or get smaller as her menstrual cycle is finished.

The lump may also feel like it is stuck to the skin and moving it is not possible. It may also feel irregularly shaped and hard, not being like the other tissues of the breast. The lump may also be painless and tender. However, if there is pain, this may indicate a benign condition which means that it is not cancerous but still is needed to be checked by a professional.

Lump Found In The Region Of The Armpit

Sometimes, lumps that are small and usually hard can be found in the axilla or armpit. This may indicate that the cancer cells have reached the lymph nodes via the lymphatic system. Thus, they are visible in the armpit area. These lumps are characterized as being tender however not being painful.

Changes That Occur On The Skin

If an individual has breast cancer, skin that can be found in the breast area can appear as puckered or sometimes dimpled. This situation is also known as having “orange peel skin”. Also, if the skin increases in warmth, appears reddish in color and tends to swell up, these may be indications of breast cancer that is among the inflammatory class.

These signs and symptoms along with feelings of itchiness of the nipple or breast often point to the same kind of breast cancer. Additionally, the itchiness described is usually not relieved by creams, ointments or other medications that target itchiness.

Changes That Occur On The Nipple

Normally, some people really do have nipples that are inverted. This means that instead of their nipples pointing outward, they point inward. Assuming that they have inverted nipples since they were born, this condition is very normal. However, normal outward pointing nipples that all of a sudden become inverted indicate an abnormal case. In this situation, the woman should be taken to a specialist like Dr (Mrs) Annapoorna Venkat to make sure no abnormal medical condition is present.

Also, you should watch out for discharges that come out of the nipples. 

This can be caused by various conditions and usually, these are benign or non-cancerous. However, if the discharge is only present on one nipple, this may point to having breast cancer. Additionally, if spontaneous discharge occurs, this may very well be a sign of breast cancer. This means that the nipple is excreting discharges without you having to squeeze it out. Blood-stained discharges can also be seen which again points to the condition.

It is important that women stay aware of their body’s changes because these might as well be the thing that could save them. Being able to recognize these changes can make all the difference in a cancer survivor’s path.
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