Your ultimate guide to laser liposuction

Laser liposuction is considered to be the alternative to the traditional method utilized in tumescent and traditional liposuction. This innovative method helps plastic surgeons to target particular body parts which were difficult to access with the manual methods, but are perfectly suited to laser liposuction. The process is also known as laser lipolysis or liposculpture. Lipolysis is somewhat different than traditional liposuction. Surgeons do not directly use the cannula to remove the fat cells bemneath the skin. The cannula actually houses a laser which is used to literelly melt the flab of the target body part. 

The fat is drained from the body utilizing tiny incision. It can also be gently suctioned away. The process is gentler than the other techniques of liposuction because of the smaller size of the incisions and because of the smaller cannula. This also means less scarring. Our body naturally reacts to the heat by contracting the tissues which causes the skin to tighten. Sono Bello is one of the most popular clinics which is providing the clients with the best outcomes of laser liposuction for a long time. 

The lasers, used in the procedure, are specifically designed to target only nerve tissues, fat cells and protecting muscles.  This accuracy often means faster healing, less pain and very little bruising after the surgery. Several companies have generated liposuction lasers whicg use specific wavelength frequencies for optimal results. The entire procedure of lipolysis can be quiet costly because of the advanced technology. But Sono Bello reviews show that the clinics offer an affordable range when it comes to laser liposuction.   

Side effects of laser liposuction: 

Laser procedures have become more secure and advanced over the last couple of years. Despite the advancement, there are certain side effects linked to smart liposuction. However,  these side effects are minimal and only take places in a few cases where the surgeon remains careless.  With the experts at your side, you don’t have to owrry a bit.
  • Skin burns and puckering
  • Contour irregularities
  • Intestine injuries
  • Hematoma
  • Numbness, dimpling, discolorastion.
  • Sagging skin, discomfort, lumpiness.

You should not decide to undergo a laser lipposucton surgety while looking forward to having babies. It is observed that women face several hazards related to getting pregnant, after undergoing this cosmetic surgery. Consult with the doctor before settling for the procedure.  

Intestinal injuries: 

There is a slight possibility of injuries to the intestines in a very few cases. However, when the surgery is implemented by well skilled surgeons, there are no such risks. 

Pain after the surgery: 

Laser liposuction may lead to side burns to the skin and under belly. You many suffer due to massive pain after the therapy for a long period (three to four months). 

Be in good hands with the experts of Sono bello when opting for laser liposuction. As the Sono Bello reviews state, the eminent clinic never fails to provide the patients with the desired outcome. Remember that it always does not end with the treatment. Responsible doctors want to witness the results and monitor the progress.  You should plan for follow-up appointments with your cosmetic surgeon.
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