What Are The Major Challenges Pilots Face?

The airline industry is a very demanding one and pilots are solely responsible for the lives and the safety of the passengers on board. They should have a very high degree of information and knowledge when it comes to the operation of the many instruments in the cockpit and the weather patterns that they go through. When emergency strikes the pilot must ensure that the plane touches the ground safely. There may be instances where the equipment of the plan malfunctions and the onus of security falls on the pilot. This means the biggest challenge of a pilot is to manage the changing situations with patience, tact and knowledge. 

Experienced and educated pilot Richael E. Bucklew for over 20 years says that pilots face the above challenges every day. This means when you are taking over a flight, you must be prepared for any kind of casualty that strikes. Another challenging aspect of the job of a pilot is his or her schedule. Like flight attendants, the pilot too needs to spend most of the time away from home. They also have to be mentally alert and physically fit when they are on duty. Their duty hours are very long and this means they cannot afford to have a random lifestyle. They should be disciplined and when they are not working or on a shift, they should take adequate rest to prepare themselves for the next flight. 

Another challenge that pilots face is the cockpit familiarization. When you are going into an aircraft it is important for you to understand where the controls and the instruments are located. This holds true when you are going into a new aircraft. Before you start the engine, it is important for you to be aware of the different kinds of instruments and controls so that when you are on the flight, you are not lost. It is important for you to review them so that you are in control when you take off the ground. 

There are aircrafts that have different fuel operating systems and you must be aware of them when the flight takes off. It is to be noted that when you are operating a new aircraft with a new fuel system, you must ensure that you do not practice old habits. This can be harmful for pilots and if you are not careful mishaps may take place. The pilot must make sure that he is using the correct procedure before he gets on the aircraft and uses it for the flight. 

Richael E. Bucklew says that the above challenges are faced by pilots on a daily basis. It is important for you to keep track of them if you wish to become a pilot in the long run. Besides the above, you should also ensure that you get sufficient and correct pilot training from good aviation school. The written, oral and practical classes should be taken with attention and care. Moreover, when you are on flight, ensure that you are mentally and physically alert to avert accidents and mishaps!
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