Virtual Phone Number Vs. Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol commonly known by the acronym VoIP is the technology that is used to make calls over the internet instead of the phone service providers. If you have a good internet connection, you can make quality calls over the internet and the local phone company is not involved. VoIP is used by many popular software known to us like Skype, Vonage etc. and no telephone lines are associated. Just like phone numbers are used for cellular services, the VoIP numbers are used within the VoIP network for identification.
Virtual phone numbers are used to route calls or forward calls in telephony language on a virtual number to varied sets of numbers. VoIP is cloud based service. While both services are cost effective and used to cut the extra charges incurred in normal phone calls, they are not entirely the same. There are a lot of differences between Virtual phone numbers and Voice over Internet Protocol.
  • Devices associated - The first difference between virtual phone numbers and Voice over internet protocol to be considered is that the VoIP can make calls to single stationary device only, that too with an internet connection. A virtual phone number call can be forwarded to a single or  multiple devices. And the forwarding can also be programmed using certain softwares.
  • Security - The VoIP calls and virtual phone number calls are different in another important factor and that is security. VoIP calls are made over the internet, a cloud, that is. Thus, VoIP calls are less secure because of the public internet usage. The virtual phone calls on the other hand are private connections on a secure line just like normal phone calls. Thus, security wise, virtual phone systems have the hammer over VoIP.
  • Dependency - VoIP calls are dependent on a good internet connection. As mentioned above, quality calls can be made only if the net connection is good. When there is power failure or a remote are with no internet connection, making such calls VoIP will be impossible. Virtual phone numbers on the other hand, will work even if there is no internet connection because they are independent of internet connectivity. These calls are handled through a data center which are backed up with enough power sources.
  • Cost – Cost is a very important factor to be considered when using any service. Ideally, we should be able to receive the best features of a service at the most reasonable price. When comparing VoIP with virtual phone numbers, VoIP is cheaper. Simply because the internet protocols rule apply for VoIP calls which are way cheaper than conventional calls. A virtual phone call is comparatively costly. But both are cheaper than conventional calls with VoIP being on the lesser cost side.
  • Availability of Numbers – VoIP numbers are stand alone, and cannot be transferred. In a virtual phone system on the other hand, a number of toll free numbers can be easily included in the virtual phone number systems. And can be easily ported or transferred.
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