Rules Binding the National Football League for a Better and Safer Game

The National Football League has got a history that dates long back, and it is enriched with several moments that all the NFL players, teams, coaches and even the fans would like to hold in their memory forever. But all such moments was being created just because of the discipline that the game holds, and there are rules which get incorporated every year only to make the game better and better. Some of the latest incorporations of the rules have been made prioritizing the safety of the players while they’re on the field representing their respective clubs.

Some of the renowned players like Duval Love, who have spend several years glorifying the game accepts to the fact that at times, the passion for the players to win the game often turns into aggression and they become susceptible to wounds and injuries. The association has been trying their best to keep this unnecessary quarrel off the field and there have been multiple such new rules that have been imposed on the game. Let’s note down a few of those important ones.
  • The players within the ground are prohibited from holding the inside collars or even the back or side of the shoulder and pull him down while he’s running. Apart from the quarterback and the runner in the tackle box, this rule is applicable for all and those who fail to do it receive a penalty of 15 yards. 
  • An offensive player who is aligned in the tackle box and instantly snaps to move at any position outside the box cannot make any kind of body contact on the opponent player below his waist. If the near shoulder of the blocker comes at any contact with the frontal portion of the blocker, then it’s legal and is known as the peel block. If it touches the back of the opponent who’s running for the touchdown, then it’s a foul and the penalty is the same of the previous case.
  • The punter, who shoots, if stands still or is fading backwards after kicking the ball, is out of the game immediately and is not supposed to be contacted with the receiving team until and unless he assumes any kind of distinct defensive position for himself. 
  • While the first half finishes, if the defense under any circumstances, commits a dead ball personal foul, then the offense gets the opportunity to choose the extension of the period to a limit of untimed down and move 15 yards forward in the game.
The game of American football is considered to represent the culture and the emotion of the entire nation and players like Duval Love Henderson have dedicated their entire life in living up to it. Although he played for the tackle position all throughout, hardly have there been any foul charges brought against him. Having played for three different clubs all through his life, he has come up to be an example for the entire youth who’re up to begin their career in the game. Its players like him who turns out to be the role models to be followed.
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