New Advanced Carbon Scrubbers for a Better Environment

No matter what companies claim, but almost all of them are emitting harmful carbon dioxide in huge quantities. This is one of the reasons why new inventions are important for lowering the content of harmful gases in the air.

Where global warming is increasing at a rapid rate all over the world, there are many companies who are manufacturing better technology to fight against pollution. Out of these many products that help to sustain the environment, good carbon scrubbers are come up as the best.

Harvard University Research 

Harvard University’s researchers have recently come up with a technology that is considered to be a great example of the emission-scrubbing system. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has also ventured with Harvard in this research. This new invention has proven to consume less electricity than the usual ones and is comparatively more environment-friendly.

What does the Journal Say?

The journal of nature communications has also claimed that the new technology will use microcapsules. The microcapsules are usually made liquid sorbent that is basically encased in highly permeable shells made of polymer. This particular technology has been used in the past, such as in food flavouring, and pharmaceuticals. However, this is the first time that this technology will be used in a controlled approach. Jennifer A. Lewis, a Harvard professor of biologically inspired engineering reported this fact.

Advantages of Microencapsulation

Till this day, we have been used to the caustic amine-based solvent technology in the conventional scrubbers. The worst thing about this process is that they happen to produce only toxic things as it’s by product. The new method also utilizes the technology of environment-friendly sorbent named – baking soda. The microencapsulated sorbents happen to absorb more carbon dioxide than the traditional sorbents. The solvents also have the ability to disintegrate over time, but the carbonates have a limitless life.

Roger D. Aines has said that the MECS, microencapsulated carbon solvents cause fewer problems to the environment. Author Roger is the head of the fuel cycle innovation program in LLNL. According to him –"Capturing the world's carbon emissions is a huge job; we need technology that can be applied to many kinds of carbon dioxide sources with the public's full confidence in the safety and sustainability."

Another scientist from University of Edinburgh, who was not involved with the research said that – "These permeable silicone beads could be a 'sliced-bread' breakthrough for CO2 capture--efficient, easy-to-handle, minimal waste, and cheap to make"


The encapsulation process enables to combine the benefits of solid capture media. It also helps the liquid capture media in the same platform. Presently, the team is working on scaling up their production process. There are also many companies who are trying to come up with better technology for the best biofilters technology so that different industries can use them for a better and cleaner environment.
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