Know something about Modafinil

Modafinil is a medicine that is prescribed by the doctors for the treatment of sleep problems. This can be used in cases such as narcolepsy and sleep disorders that are caused by changes in the shift of the work. This plays an important role in changing the brain activities to wake the person.

Benefits of Modafinil

  • Modafinil is used for the treatment of sleep apnea.
  • Used for treating sleepiness that is caused in the daytime.
  • This can be benefitted for the treatment of narcolepsy and disorders that are caused by the shift changes in the work.
  • This medicine is used for the improvement of mood changes and mental performance along with increasing the ability for the attention.
Dosage and Use 

This medicine is suggested to take in the morning once. This can be taken after having the food or without the intake of the food. The time of the intake for this medicine can be altered as per the advice of the physician. Usually the normal dosage for the modafinil come s around 100 mg to 600 mg a day. Most of them use a pill with 200 mg. In case of exceeding 200 mg it is better to consult with the physician. Even though the negative effects for this medicine is less more amount of this medicine may sometimes cause any kind of adverse reactions. In case of any missing in the dose on a day then it is better not to have the medicine. This is because having this medicine later may sometimes lead to insomnia and feeling of restlessness

Sometimes it can also cause an increase in the rate of the pulse. Modafinil also reduces hunger .If this kind of symptoms appears for a long time then it will be better to consult with the physician at the earliest. Some of the symptoms such as rashes in the skin and presence of itchiness change in the heart rate and variation of the blood pressure etc should also be treated with care and also need to seek medical attention. It is said to avoid the usage of heavy vehicles in case of the dizziness caused.

This may also cause some kind of addiction in individual and in such situations it is advisable to speak with the doctor to avoid further complications. While consulting with the physician the person should inform about his medical history .In some situations like variations in the heart rate, heart attack and also conditions of high blood pressure medical advice need to be taken. This is also applicable in case of any kind of kidney and liver diseases. The medicine should be avoided for pregnant and breast feeding women.

Also for ladies who are planning to be pregnant also should avoid this drug. This is not applicable for the people who are above the age of 65. Adverse drug interactions occur when it gets interacted with grape juice.

It should be taken care that this drug should be kept at a temperature of 20 degree and 25 degree Celsius.
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