Know The Major Business Phone Systems For A Better Calling Experience

All people doing business or freelancing often need a secondary number apart from their personal use number. Nowadays business is run on each employee having multiple numbers and a number specially meant for business purpose. Thus, to add business numbers to your phone is an essential requirement for most working people. But when adding a whole new business number, there must be no problems encountered or issues that are critical. Often certain organizations that are phone number service providers charge to a great extent when it comes to adding a new number. We don’t want the business number added to be a costly affair for us. In this era, every one doing a business or freelancing has a smart phone. While some people still think adding a business phone number to your existing number is impossible or difficult, we shall prove them wrong. Thus, we disclose to you easy and cost effective solutions in the form of apps that you could use to add business phone numbers to your existing number.

Business Phone Number

Let us have a look at the business number adding apps that are leading the current state of business successfully: –

Sideline – It is an app that lets you add secondary or new numbers to your existing phone number. It is absolutely free of cost and is easily available on the Android as well as IOS app stores. Sideline is greatly considered to be a boon for business doers. It is a special app designed for business people. Instead of buying different SIM cards or different phones for that matter, it is a very cost effective method of starting to use a new number along with your previous one. The app lets you choose from a list of numbers with your area code, just like a shopkeeper would let you choose from different SIM numbers. The incoming calls have equally good quality as regular calls and are indistinguishable from them. When a call is made to your business phone number, it is shown with the Sideline Id, and thus, you know the call was made to your business phone number. Also, messaging services are possible with the sideline provided business phone number. Your new number will however be deactivated upon 30 days of inactivity. The service is pretty good for those wanting two lines but no two phones. 

Flyp – Flyp lets you not just add one or two but six different secondary numbers to your existing phone number. It is a great app for those in to the business field. What could be better than an app allowing you to own six different business phone numbers with ease. There are charges around 2.99 $ monthly if you upgrade to the premium services. The first secondary business phone number is free to add. The charges are incurred when going for the addition of more than 1 numbers. The quality of calls is great, which is a boost for business purpose placed calls. Even this app is available on both Google play store and IOS app store. Flyp also manages voice mail, text messages, and notifications.
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