Just what is the Problem with EMF?

Are you familiar with the term EMF? EMF is electromagnetic fields, and it describes the radiation that comes from passing electricity through a piece of electrical equipment or electrical wire. Electromagnetic radiation comes from such diverse items as power lines, hair dryers, cell phones, microwaves, toasters and more. Electromagnetic fields are nothing new, but what has changed is the amount of exposure we get on a daily basis, all through our lives.
Did you know that wherever you live, you now experience 100 million times greater electromagnetic radiation than your grandparents? But what exactly is the problem with EMF? Since it’s everywhere, surely it must be safe? Experts think differently. Here is just some of the information currently understood about electromagnetic radiation and its effects.

Electromagnetic Radiation and the Human Body
The human body generates its own tiny electric currents as it goes about the everyday business of living. Many different bodily processes result in small amounts of electricity being passed around the body, such as nerves transmitting signals. Plus, the human body is designed as a system of energy. When it experiences electromagnetic radiation from outside, it can result in a state of unbalance.

The overexposure to EMF interacts with the body’s natural processes and can result in destabilisation, meaning that your body begins to act in a different, less natural way. There are many health concerns associated with this destabilisation.

EMF and Stress 
As the body becomes destabilised by exposure to electromagnetic fields from everyday appliances and communication devices, the body issues an immune system response. This can drain energy and cause stress. As stress continues to affect the body, it responds with any number of health conditions that are indirectly or directly caused by the stress on the immune system.

Signs and Symptoms of Body Destabilisation 
According to www.lifeenergysolutions.com, there are certain symptoms and signs that should serve as an early warning to the effects of EMF on the human body. Many people experience headaches, fatigue, insomnia, mood changes, depression, memory problems, and skin problems.

Electromagnetic Fields and Melatonin 
Melatonin is a crucial substance that helps regulate sleep patterns and repair the body. It is produced when it is dark, but the problem is that the body confuses EMF with light and the presence of EMF prevents enough melatonin from being produced – it is as if it is still daylight even at night. Symptoms include insomnia, poor immune system response, increased stress, increased risk of heart disease, increased cholesterol, and increased risk of cancer.

While you cannot avoid all exposure to EMF, you can limit the risk of health complications by minimising exposure and using protective devices to help safeguard your health.
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