Is It Absolutely Planned And Organize Your Trip?

I hear constantly people say:
"What?! No, but I thought you were not planning anything at all me! In fact you're cheating! "

And all for what? Just because I sometimes book in advance one or two nights in youth hostels.
In fact, there was a world squarely between the fact of organizing everything and being properly prepare his trip. On the internet there is a bit of everything and anything about it. Some will tell you to organize everything from A to Z to make your life easier on the spot, others will tell you nothing at all plan to leave room for the unexpected, and others, like me, will be more measured in their About.


I get questions every week about this. It must be said that the route even more than accommodation and tours, is the heart of your trip. The risk in the preparation is that you fall into too much detail.
To prepare your route, I suggest you watch the travel blogs and websites to identify a list of places you want to see. then Google Map direction to locate a little all these places and try to put them into a coherent order that does not require you to board many times in the same place to turn around, etc.
The mistake not to do is to plan your trip day by day and to reserve the nights and excursions in advance. Believe me, I've seen many a traveler will bite the fingers...


To travel is to leave room for the unexpected. And if you make the mistake of making an itinerary day by day, you might quickly to block you, stressing you and frustrate you. I do not tell you how many times in my travels I had completely messed up my plans to follow other travelers in their adventure.

Over planning necessarily equate to get stressed and I can tell you from experience that, despite your initial plans, your route will never be the one expected.
You will arrive in the hostel in the middle of Thailand, you will experience this great group of travelers who will tell you about this hidden city, this temple is not in guidebooks, or this island and your plans change because you have decided to follow this train.

You will stroll through the streets of Berlin , you'll talk to two three people who will show you a beautiful place that is not mentioned in any guide that only a local would know.

You will fall on the French in a bus in the middle of Patagonia who will talk about his shamanic experience in Peru, and you decide to go test the ayahusca with a Shaman in the middle of the Peruvian jungle.

You'll meet this group of travelers in Austria who will invite you into their home in the mountains in Slovenia, then you had planned to go to Croatia.

Plans change, they change all the time.

So do not bother to organize too.
 Just have a general idea of the direction you are going to follow. Plan the first night in the country where you travel and let the wind guide you, let your adventures, your road, build for themselves. You see, it's just magical.

Until recently, during my trip to India, I had nothing planned. On the flight took me to Mumbai I met this French with whom I sympathized and offered to follow directly Goa - his driver was waiting outside the.

Because yes, the most important during your trip is not what you see or do but the people you have met and the experiences you have had.


Many people I meet on the road get stuck because they have reserved a hotel room, an excursion or a visit in advance and they did not have time to do what they wanted to do before.
One thing to keep in mind: you will always find a solution to sleepeat and visit, even if it's at the last minute. My advice in general, it is to book the first night of the trip. It avoids a lot of stress and fatigue duty to seek to stay in a totally unknown city. Then you will just have to be guided...


Every day, throughout the year, you get up at a certain time to take the bus or the car at a specified time to get to work again at a specific time. 

Think about it: do you really want your trip is just like your everyday stressful and boring? What I suggest is to focus on quality over quantity. 
Travel at your own pace, never worry about missing your train reservation or hotel. Your trip can not be built before departure. It is only on the road, over your findings and your meetings, as you will build gradually.


Do not get me wrong, I totally understand why some travelers are anxious about not prepare their trip in detail. When not in the habit of traveling, we often tend to imagine the worst, and it is natural that we turned to the organization to face his fears. 
Not only trip planning helps reassure oneself, but it also helps to reassure relatives that they also did not used to see you go. 

But now, after many years of traveling, I can assure you thing. More your trip will be planned and it will be more stressful

Where you work to avoid as much stress, you actually create many constraints that may frustrate you on the road. Do not lock your adventure in a box, avoid oppressive lists and agree that travel is also to let go and accept the unknown. The trip will be even more beautiful.

Word of an experienced backpacker:
Everything will be fine ! :-)
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