How To Easily Forward Calls On Your Android Device

Call forwarding has made the life of people much easier and comfortable than ever before. The process through which we can reroute the calls which are incoming to other person is known as call forwarding. The person might be on a vacation and at that time, he may receive a lot of calls for his business work. This thing could be really very frustrating at times and one may not like it. With the help of call forwarding feature, people can now forward all the calls to the office and can feel free. 

More and more business companies are adopting this call forwarding method as it helps them to be in touch with all their clients and this helps them is providing better services to all their customers. One of the major reasons why people go for call forwarding is that it makes a person available all the time. There may be a situation that a person is no at office due to some other important work. In that case the calls can easily be forwarded to him on his mobile phones or his landline. More than one number can be put on for call forwarding, due to this feature the calls would answered by one number or the other. 

How To Use Call Forwarding

Let is now understand that how calls can be forwarded in the Android’s. This procedure is very easy and one just has to follow the steps which are mentioned below for the purpose of call forwarding.

  1. Open up your mobile phone and then go to the call settings option. For this first go to settings and then choose call settings. Now the call settings screen would be opened. 
  2. Now once this is done, then choose for call forwarding option. 
  3. Later some of the options would be displayed as to when the calls should be forwarded.
    They are:-
·       Always forward the calls- This is the first option and it overrides the other ones. Once the person has specified the number on which calls should be forwarded, then no incoming calls are there for that phone number. All of them directly reach the specified number.
·         Busy- In this, the calls are forwarded to the specified number because the person is already busy on some other call.
·       Unanswered Calls- Many a times person may not wish to answer any call. Then his or her unanswered calls are forwarded to other specified number.
·   Unreachable Calls- A person may be somewhere out and his or her phone may not be reachable at that very stage.
4. Now the next step is that the person should specify the number on which the calls would be forwarded. One can put his or her landline number in it. 
5. Click on OK and call forwarding would be activated. When this feature is activated, then an icon would be displayed at the top of the screen.

Call forwarding is one of the best features of mobile phones as it provides mobility. One need not stay at one place for receiving up the calls. The employees can go to other places and can do their work as well. Isn’t this great? Yes! This is the reason why everyone should surely try and know how toforward calls feature as then one cannot miss upon any important call.
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