Best Trophy Engraving Ideas: Different Methods for Different Trophies

Trophies are given to a single person or a group to recognize their achievements. Either you have won yourself or seen it being given to someone at work or event, you must have noticed that they come in different shapes and designs. Now, there are different ways to create text and patterns on the surface of material with which trophies are made. One of these methods include engraving. In normal words, it is a process of creating a design or text on the hard surface in bid to make the trophy more elegant and beautiful.
You can create a trophy by painting the surface, but engraving is much more attractive and creates better impression not only to the receiver, but also on the people who came to attend the ceremony. Glass trophies and awards tell you about the winner and the reason why it is being awarded to them. There are many methods to create a text or logo on the trophy, but the oldest method of engraving is manual. It requires a skillful artist and engraving by hand is very difficult process and employed very few these days.

The method of engraving depends upon the material. Usually it requires hard and flat surface. But, the most common materials to make a good trophy are metal and glasses. Laser engraving is considered the most versatile method as the sandblasting can be used only to engrave glasses. Nowadays, computer engraving has also became very popular these days because of its precise work.

Let’s move further to understand each of them bit deeply:

#1: Laser Engraving: Laser engraving method includes the use of lasers to cut shapes out of the trophy material. After that, metallic shades or black colors are put into the place to highlight all these shapes. Due to its costly nature, this method is usually used to create highly prestigious awards. Well, usually the cost depends on the design or the logo to be created on the material. It takes a lot of time preparing the material and the logo when laser is used to make engraved trophies and this is the reason why it’s such a costly method. This method can be carried out on various materials like acrylic, wood, metal, etc.

#2: Sand Blasting: As mentioned earlier, if the glass is being used to make the trophy, it is engraved by the sand blasting method. In simple words, it is a process of blowing sand with the help of gun to the surface of the glass. After that, the same nozzle cuts grooves on the surface of the glass to give the impression of engraving. A trophy engraved by this method looks very artistic. And this is the reason why most of award bodies and institutions are going with glass awards these days.

#3: Computer Engraving: It is a method that uses a computer to instruct a rotary head to the surface from which material is removed to create the effect of engraving. This rotary head usually has a diamond tip that scratches the surface and easily removes material from the surface. This method is very fast, precise and effective to carry out trophy engraving.

Final Tip: No matter what material or what method you select, trophy engraving will create more classy and beautiful kind of trophies. And, you can always search the internet to get more ideas relative to your needs for engraving your trophies to make it more elegant and stunning.
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