Two Effective Ways to Escape from Obesity – Banded Plication and Gastric Bypass

If you are obese, you may have tried many modalities for weight loss, ranging from dieting and exercising to medications, but when the case is of morbid obesity, these are not much to any avail. Here comes the effectiveness of procedures like banded plication or gastric bypass etc., which are invasive techniques to effectively cut down the stomach size and food craving to reduce obesity.

Once if you are diagnosed to be morbidly obese, one needs to check for which procedure you get qualified and start preparing for it. However, these are not stand-alone procedures to resolve all your issues related to obesity, but one need to practice adequate lifestyle changes and food habits too to enjoy the best results. Here, let’s review more about these procedures further.

I. Gastric plication

‘Gastric plication is a surgical method to expedite weight loss with implementation of an adjustable gastric band’

This is also called adjustable gastric banding, which is a restrictive procedure meant to create a small pouch of upper stomach above the band placement. On following an adequate food regimen with the band being adjusted, the patients feel full with smaller volume of food intake and naturally lose weight.

Gastric banding is much popular now as it is of low risk and also easily reversible. There is also not much downside for it like other bariatric procedures as the weight loss is slow and steady.

v  The procedure

During the time of gastric banding, a silastic band which consists of a plastic sleeve is put around the upper portion of the stomach. This is attached with a tubing to a port, which can be further tightened or loosened based on the future needs. With adjustable gastric plication, the procedure starts with a surgeon partially cutting the vascular attachments and tissues surrounding the stomach at the greater curve of the outside part of stomach to expose the front and back.

Next, the adjustable gastric band is inserted with the help of a laparoscope. The stomach below the band is then folded onto itself and stitched to be kept in position. Thus, the volume of the stomach is effectively reduced along with its capacity to hold food. Know more about plication procedure here.

II. Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass or Roux-en-Y procedure is a laparoscopic bariatric surgery. Even though a keyhole surgery with the help of a laparoscope, sometimes it can be converted into an open procedure too. In morbidly obese people, gastric bypass operation is proven to be an effective and consistent way of weight loss.

v  The procedure

In gastric bypass surgery, stomach is divided by installing a stapler to leave back just a pouch, which initially measures about 25 ml. Small intestine is then divided and this divided portion is folded up and joined to the stomach pouch. The other end of the small bowel is connected to the small bowel about a meter down to stomach. In this way, the entire stomach is bypassed apart from this tiny pouch.

In gastric bypass, weight loss is much rapid than banding. It is proven procedure when compared to many other new-age bariatric procedure as various forms of gastric bypass is practiced for more than 30 years now. There is also nothing to erode or break to create further complications. The patients need to be thoroughly oriented and evaluated in order to choose which bariatric procedure is adequate.
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