Two building blocks of successful blogging

There are thousands of blogs online, each operating for different reasons. But a handful of blogs can claim to be successful in reaching out to users located across the globe. Success, on the other hand can be measured in terms of being viral, readership, monetisation and various other interpretations on the basis of the main purpose of blogging itself.

So if you have recently started your own blog you would definitely want to know what it takes to stand ahead of your rivals. Read through the two most important ways of building a very strong reader base and earning decent revenue from your blog.

I. Pick up a platform that help you soar above the ordinary:

The blog that you have conceived and nurtured should be strong enough to withstand the unpredictability of time and tide in the net. It should be easy to handle, pleasure to go through and offer optimum levels of security to prevent the malicious hackers from breaking in. But the greatest problem here is as a novice blogger, you will be startled with the available variants of options starting from WordPress to Tumblr, from Medium to TypePad- all these well-to-do blogging platforms will mesmerize you with their features and options.

Before you choose one and invest your efforts to create and post your first blog post, compare and contrast all the available options on the basis of the following points to get the one that serves your purpose.

Ease of access: Is it taking an eternity to even help you understand how to access the blog editor? Is the reading experience painstakingly uneasy? Are you able to visit and navigate the platform effortlessly from your smartphone?

 Easy customisation: Is the platform allowing you to customise your blog the way you want it to? Does it allow you to install plug-in and alter the layouts or themes? Does it allow you to write your own HTML code and CSS upon request?

Optimum security: How secure will your information be? Will the email addresses through which you and your readers connect be safe enough? How effortless will it be to have a backup? Will your posts and your readers' comments be protected from unlawful means?

Enough storage space: How much of free storage space does the platform provide you? Is there a need to upgrade the storage at every point of time? Is there a need to move onto an absolutely new platform in case there's lack of space?

These handy points of comparison would help your to settle for the best platform available.

II.  Create each of your post like it is your masterpiece:

The best possible way of achieving a heartfelt connection with your readers is by writing about stuffs you are expert about. Don't go for something that's in vogue but you are not competent in. Go for creating a yummy recipe blog if cooking seems to be your true passion. Its just that simple- you will have to give your heart to it in order to connect emotionally with your readers here and there. You must be at ease with what you are writing and be sure to answer back to queries.

Create apt descriptions: Optimising your blog's SEO is yet another part of reaching out to the online readers. You can invest in popular SEO plugins which would help to optimise your pages electronically without having to spend much efforts. Give some time to create meta descriptions for each and every single post so that your readers get to know what your post is all about directly from the search results page.

Source of information: Give your readers valuable content from the best sources presented in a sharp, straightforward and crisp tone. You should be able to keep them engaged in what you got to say and my friend, you are almost done in building a blockbuster hit blog.
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