Things you should do to complement your taller looks while wearing height increasing shoes

Believe it or not, you are judged by your appearance, and it is happening right now! By appearance I mean the height and tall looks of yours that make you feel the power in you, which helps you earn more money (it is found that for every inch of height, a tall worker earns an extra $789 per year- A2007 study by timothy judge at University of Florida), induce an enchanting impression on girls and stand a better chance to grab roles aimed at working the crowd (you listen better to ones who are well built and tall, don't you?). 

These facts will make you wish to have born with a tall stature and make you think the ways to gain some more inches because folks, taller is always the better.

Please don't deprecate yourself because I am enlisting you some tips to help you look taller and be taller, literally, that can be very handy for you whenever you are going to live the day of your dreams that could be your date, your marriage, your job interview or any public function.

Follow me up!
Ø  Wear elevator shoes- As the name suggests, they elevate you 2 to 5 inches as per your needs. You can order them online at various e-commerce websites which let you choose the right size with the optional colors.These are special kind of shoes, called elevator shoes and yet haven’t marked their presence in offline stores, so don't try to waste your time over there.

Earlier, they used to come as shoes with high heels that were quite visible which entailed the need to wear long trousers in order to cover them up. Designers have now revised the look and feel of these shoes by installing the heel on the inner sole of the shoe making that big, chunky heel appearance obsolete. You now place your foot on the elevated platform that is inside the shoe concealing your height gain trick and giving you a natural and even look.

Initially, this height gain comes at a cost of wearer's discomfort making him feel as if he is wearing heels. But after some days of wearing, it just feels perfect.

Ø  Filter out the clothes suited best for you-
o   Try to wear light shades on the upper body and dark shades on the lower body. What I mean to say is, wear light colored shirts, t-shirts, and dark colored pants. This actually gives you a lengthened effect.
o   Wear close fitting clothes as they hold up your body fat and give your body a somewhat slim look.
o   Wear vertically oriented pattern shirts because it employs a psychological hack to give theviewer a feel of length in your body as their gaze tend to move along with the stripes. This causes a slimmified look of your body.
o   Wear monochromatic colors as wearing different colors at the same time cause segmentation of your body which causes a distraction and makes your height visually shorter. Belt also does no better, so ditch it too.

Ø  Trim short your hairs- Long hairs are not intended if you have a diminutive stature as they add to your shortness. Get rid of those long hairs as they hide your neck which plays a vital role in giving your personality a taller look.

Ø  And ofcourse stand straight- The height is shortened by 1-2 inches while standing slightly bent. It on one side is odd to see, on another side, it makes your body posture bad giving your physique a dull, unenergetic andmidget appearance.

These are some tricks that you guys can bring in use to make yourself look smarter, younger and taller. Height increase shoes for men is the discreet choice to instantly tweak your height and look better.

 Stay tuned for more updates!
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