Things to consider while purchasing a router table

When woodwork is your profession your passion, then router table is certainly going to be a part and parcel of your work. A woodworker cannot work without a suitable router table.

Although you may come across many Router tables in the market, you need to be very much particular while choosing the one so as to make your work a masterpiece. We too for helping you out for choosing the best router table went through various observations for finding the best router table till date and hence came out with these results. So after going through certain reviews and working experiences of many woodworkers we came across a result that Bosch ra 1181 is something far above excellence regarding perfection, customer satisfaction and also the cost. So here we have prepared a list of some features that you must check before buying the router table  

    Flat top
For perfect shape and perfect rigidness, the top should be keenly observed. The top of the router table should be wide and error free. It should not have any spikes on the surface otherwise, you would not be able to meet the perfection you are willing to acquire. The top should be at least 1” thick to meet the surface requirement

The router should be compatible with the router table so as to give your wood art a shape you wish to have. Bosch ra 1181 benchtop router table stands above the rest of the router tables when talking about compatibility. The fences should also be taken into consideration i.e. it should generally be of aluminum to get better results along with the router bits. There should be perfect grooves and cuts slots to give your workpiece the size of grooves you require and that too error free and at the position you need.  

    Rigid and stiff base
The base should be rigid and inflexible so as to hold the workpiece correctly or else the demands of perfection would not be able to fulfill. The bottom should be flat and deformation-free. Top and base both needs to be flat and Bosch ra 1181 has been very much particular about these features of the router table.

    Dust collection
While working with the wood, the dust is something which is not easy to be ignored and avoided. A proper system should be there for the dust collection, so that does not interrupt in the working procedure and make the work tedious, untidy and messy. So to make you work in a clean environment, one should always choose that router table which has a good dust collection system. According to the various Router, table surveys the best router table for the year 2016 has been of Bosch and that too more precisely Bosch ra 1181. Bosch not only considers the requirement as a prime objective but also adds more to make the work of woodworkers more easy and robust. 

So, this was just a naïve attempt to help you out if we could to make your job easier. Hope it will help you a lot.
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