Most Popular Flavors for Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are the most essential element of a birthday whether you are planning a grand party or it is just a simple family gathering with cake cutting ceremony alone. In any case, you cannot celebrate a birthday without a cake. Birthday cakes have also gone through various changes and have evolved as unique, fascinating and very pretty item which makes them the centre of attention on any birthday. Nowadays you can easily order birthday cake online with free home delivery and get most of your worries fade away because these cakes are so lavishly baked and decorated that you would not have to think for a second to consider any other option.

Moreover, getting a birthday cake delivery is not that easy when you have diverse range of flavors available and exquisite variety of styles of a birthday cake. Although people love to order their favorite flavored cakes and some only stick to one particular flavor because they simply cannot get over it, but, if you still want to explore more variety, then you can check any of these top most popular flavors for a birthday cake. These cakes are distributed based on flavors, techniques and ingredients used thus making them the most amusing choice for a birthday celebration.
  1. Chocolate Cake: No doubt chocolate is the most tempting flavor and when it is mixed with ingredients like vanilla, fudge, cream, caramel etc, it makes an astonishing cake which you can crave for.
  2. Sponge Cake: This soft and moist cake is a dulcified assortment of ingredients like vanilla, caramel, fudge, cream, passion fruit and strawberry jam sandwiched between its layers. It is an immaculate cake topped with icing sugar and any of your favorite fruit.
  3. Coconut Cake: It is a unique cake with coconut extract in its layers and creamy filling makes it a fantastic choice for a birthday. You would never enjoy the flavor of coconut so beautifully engraved in a cake.
  4. Black Forest Cake: It is the most favorite and popular cake flavor especially among youngsters. It is an amalgamation of chocolate sponge layers, with whipped cream and fruit like strawberries or pineapple sandwiched in between. Its topping is sensuous with chocolate shavings, whipped cream and cherry pieces.
  5. Ice Cream Cake: This cake is a usual favorite of children but elders who are fond of ice creams also crave for this luscious delight. The cake has three layers with two cake layers sticking the third layer of ice cream in between. The ice cream flavors could vary from strawberry, mango, chocolate to vanilla. It is shaped in a mould and kept refrigerated to be consumed as soon as possible.
  6. Coffee Cake: Coffee lovers can now rejoice with this mesmerizing coffee flavored cake which makes the usual mixture of flour, butter and sugar with coffee candy exterior worth enjoying. It has an indulgent frosting of sugar, coffee and heavy cream which makes it an enticing treat for coffee lovers.
  7. Lemon Cake: This cake is a vanilla cake with savory lemon and blueberry fillings. It is loaded with white chocolate frosting to balance the ingredients and then the topping of fresh berries and lemon slices makes it an amazing cake for any special occasion.
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