International Call Least Cost Routing

In an international call or vocal telecommunication the method of LCR i.e. least cost routing is also applicable. LCR is a process in which traffic is based on certain cost. And the traffic is an out bound communication. The LCR team sporadically chooses routes from several and more than 99 carriers destinations across the world or telecom carrier. Least cost router software program automates the function. It is also in a device form. Call termination services is often bought and sold by the telecom transporters. There are various kinds of carriers such as telewest or France telecom. Such carriers is inter connected are most of the time inter connected with the other carriers of telecom. And such has routing options with the prices which are different depending upon the quality and capacity.

Grey routes are used to terminate small destinations which many carriers specialize in.  Trading in financial market is completely different from trading in the telecom carrier. The trading in financial market is conducted by the brokers and the banks. The brokers and banks have to buy and sell the same stock but the same is not the case with carriers. The carrier’s operators have to be careful. Looping is very disagreeable. In case if the calls terminate then the routes shall overflow and the carriers are most likely to bill each other many times over the same calls. 

Illustrations – if carrier X buys ‘Z’ from carrier Y, who buys it from X, one call will come to X and go to Y and return to X. This method shall continue until all the circuits are taken up in one call. The carriers shall be billed if call terminates.

A new price schedule is provided by the buyers to the suppliers. Calculations, comparisons and termination are done through software in which the prices are loaded. Based on the cost for pricing new prices are issued for which a route is chosen setting a cost for pricing.  Through reports from billing system, traffic volumes and margin is monitored for which the new routes are applied. Billing systems data is corrected. Odd routing and traffic loss is investigated. Action is taken for routing and pricing

Specifying the terms in which carriers will do the business for which inter connected agreements are made and signed. The agreement defines’ many things like payment modes, dispute resolution, notification of price changing between carriers etc. For price increment, the industry standards is for 7 days. The decrease in price effects the notification because limitations in the carrier to carrier market are tremendouslythin. There are re-routes or increase in price should be done fast to a place where the present route is going to upsurge the value. Meanwhile the valueupsurge itself has 7 days notice which should be issued within 24 hours of the up surge in cost. This shall avert the losses. Pressure may be suffered by the LCR but the LCR should access the offers in order to avert losses. It should be done fast with accuracy.
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