Integrating Technology in Classrooms

When we picture a modern school, where the next generation to enter the workforce is being prepared and trained, using methods of teaching that are progressing and integrated with innovative technologies is mandatory. Technologies like videos for lecture delivery, laptops for research and presentations, etc. are being used in classrooms very often.

So here comes an addition to these technologies, imagine how much relieve it would be if students could catch up on the lessons they missed out on our parents can have a way to see what's going on in the classroom.

Recording for Revisions

Valuable classroom activities, lectures and student participation can be held by having and using classroom recording devices. Students can learn, catch up missed out parts and revise the most important lessons easily. The new resources open up unbelievable possibilities, especially in the modern days when time is such a big constraint in busy schedules. Such technologies used in the classroom can also help students who have special needs, they can easily keep up with their peers. Students can also further discuss and work out problems without the help of adults and become more self reliant and confident.

With so many options available in the market of recording devices for classroom lectures, making the right choice definitely becomes a tough task. A reliable recording device is the foremost consideration. Here are certain key features one should look out for, before buying such an equipment:
  1. The battery life of the equipment must be properly confirmed by the seller. It must support during the entire day at school or college, depending on the hours you spend there.
  2. The best recorders are those which one finds easy to use. It should start quickly, and should not need any further adjustments as often. So that students can concentrate on the lecture and not the recorder.
  3. Ensure that the device has the capability and capacity of storing at least the number of lectures one have in a single day. It should also have memory extension feature.
  4. The device should be able to pick up speaking voices at various modulations and pitches and also from a reasonable distance too. This is called recording sensitivity.
  5. Another important feature in background cancellation, the device should have the capability to reduce at least some of the peripheral noises. Even a light snore of  a person sitting beside can override the main recording.
  6. Last but not the least, the size of the equipment does matter a lot. Most modern recorders are compact and lightweight. They are easy to carry and store.
Tips for Students to Consider while Recording:
  1. Ensure that no rules and privacy related matters are being violated.
  2. Sit in a prime location, preferably near the professor or the teacher.
  3. Videotaping is more beneficial since one can also see the PowerPoint presentations.
  4. Never forget to save the recording.
Always remember to make backup notes of the main points discussed in the classroom.
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