How to Create a Perfect Password for Your PayPal Account

It is a password-driven world where the combination of numerals, alphabets and symbols make all the difference to help you access data, make purchases online and communicate with friends. However, there are hackers all over the internet on lurk of decoding your password so as to steal your personal information and financial assets.

If you are looking forward to create a PayPal account in particular then there are ways you can secure your account with the perfect password. To create a strong and secured password you have to learn the tricks. This means that you should be able to remember the password and at the same time make it quite complicated for hackers to actually hack.

Craft the perfect password for your PayPal account

Set up a PayPal personal account if you want to be an avid buyer. You can shop securely on different merchant websites with the use of debit card and credit card through the use of PayPal account. You can use PayPal to accept payments or make payments or shop. Therefore, you have to be careful about creating a password that is safe and absolutely perfect. Here follow the guidelines:

·         The password created for the PayPal account should be uncommon, and contain special numbers and characters.

·         A perfect password for your PayPal account should comprise of lower case and upper case letters.

·         The minimum length of it should be 10 characters and the minimum number of characters should not be less than 8.

·         Password should not be around user’s personal information, such as his/her birth date, phone number, postal code, etc., that can be easily guessed.

·         Use tricky ways of randomly replacing letters with different numbers. For example, you can replace ‘flirt’ with ‘fl1r7’.

·         Select any sentence and pick the first letter of each word in it. For example, ‘Everything I Want To Do I Want To Do For You’, which appears EIWTDIWTDFY.

·         You might pick up a word and spell it reverse, for instance ‘environment’ into ‘tnemnorivne’.

·         Always do think out of the box when you are trying to contemplate an exact password. A computer might calculate faster than the human brain but one thing that a computer is unable to do is be creative. Well, you can be highly creative and play trick with hackers by being over creative with your password creation.

·         Do avoid common passwords that can be found in dictionary. Be unique when creating passwords. Do often change your password and be perfect every time you create one. This will ward off hackers from cracking your password.

·         Remember your PayPal account safely secures your financial matters online only if you create the perfect password. You can secure your online finances with tricky ways of making sure to rely on passwords that are difficult to remember. However, you have to remember it anyhow! However, do not write it anywhere. Instead keep it registered in your mind.

Thus, with the right tactic it is feasible to safely secure your PayPal account with the perfect password that cannot be hacked at all.
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