Famous Indian Sweets That Delights The World

Famous Indian sweets-Not only Indians but people across the globe have a strong penchant for Indian sweets. Any auspicious occasion remains incomplete without their presence. 

Gajar ka Halwa, Ghevar, Rasgulla, Motichoor Ladoos, Kaju Katli etc is some of the commonly found famous Indian sweets for Deepavali 2017  for send with Best Diwali wishes 2017, Diwali, Holi and all important festivals of India that delight the world. 

No need to say that these have a profound effect on people’s heart and mind. Apart from creating a spike in the blood glucose levels and providing instant energy boost, these also act as an immense mood lifter. 

Indian Festivals and Sweets

Indian Festivals and Sweets 

Exchanging sweets on festive occasions and on family celebrations is very common. Whenever someone wants to congratulate on their success or major achievement, sweets cannot be denied. Even sisters order online rakhi with sweetsfor their brothers when they are away from homes. They are supposed to spread sweetness in our relations too and this is the major reason they are an integral part of worship places too. They have rich dietary content and their benefits cannot be contradicted.  Boondiladoos are rich in proteins, burfi are rich in calcium, chenarasgulla are splendid source of energy, gajarhalwa is an all round source of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and roughage and is favourite of all. 

Motichoor Ladoos

Whatever is the case, whether it is Prasad at Gurudwara or at the temples, these are an essential part of all the scared places with khoya and milk as the staple ingredients. Furthermore, if someone feels nostalgic for his home town, these are sent directly by courier. There are many brand names and online delivery services that offer such facilities. 

Healthy Ingredients

From last few years people have become very health conscious but they do not want to compromise with their taste. Understanding their needs and meeting their high demand, many brand names have started using high quality sugar free sweeteners that are calorie as well as chemical free.

The best part of Indi sweets is that they are made up of various types of healthy ingredients like carrots, bottle guard, pumpkin, milk, ghee, cashewnuts, raisins, kewra, clarified  butter, saffron, green cardamom, almonds, chenna, etc. Some are fried and have sugar syrup as a base while others has milk as a base. 

Indian sweets have their own magnetism and charisma for which they are famous in every corner of the world. Above that, every state has its own specialization that makes it successful and rich in variety to say Happy Diwali in 2017
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