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Foreign citizens who want to work or live permanently in the United States must first get an immigrant visa. The entire process of application for an immigration visa in US depends on several factors which might not fall under the category in which want to apply. Due to its complicated procedure, one who goes to apply for a visa gets thoroughly confused and keeps shifting from one counter to the other. They feel the need of help of someone who will take care of all the hassles of carrying out the processing and scrutinizing and also documenting.

Cox & Kings Global Services (CKGS) incorporated in 2008 is one such business process outsource agency that focuses on serving Consular sections of Diplomatic Missions. They provide services by managing all kinds of non-judgmental tasks and providing administrative support that are related to the life cycle of a Passport, Visa and Consular application process. To start with, a relevant petition needs to be approved prior to any other procedures, is the actual application process for a visa in US. This processing of the petition takes place in the National Visa Center which requires all kinds of submission of necessary documents. After taking some time to contact you, the National Visa Center asks you to fill up the form of DS-261 which specifies the choice of Agent and Address who is going to settle to work as your future correspondence. The invoice for the payment is then sent and finally you are asked to submit the closing and final application along with all the necessary documents needed for it.

The necessary documents that are primarily needed for applying the Visa are marriage certificates, birth certificates and divorce papers if you and your spouse is on separation, verification certificates from the local administrative authority, photographs and deportation documentation. This entire process of carrying out the necessary verification and submission is done by CKGS. They respect and value the sincerity of all the information and certificates that you have provided and present all the necessary solutions for customized data management. They have a discipline-maintained and structured quality process keeping the privacy secured in an envelope. 

They have in their catalogue a software which is smart web based and designed mainly for booking appointments so that they can exert minimum effort and optimize the entire utilization of time in their service. This module which is not only coherent but flexible too, they can easily carry out the organizing of online and offline interviews with adequate measures to be vigilant for fraud and duplication. The module for scheduling appointment is designed in such a way, that it can be executed as a system that stands independent meeting the necessity of the mission.

Cox & Kings Global Services promises to keep your private documents secured and safe in their hands and have stood strong with their promises., Finally, the Visa is delivered at your address by CKGS in a sealed envelope afterthe process is being carried over efficiently. They stand true to their promises and have earned some prominence in the industry with their devoted service.
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