Various options in Sauna Heater and Major things to Note while Buying

If you are purchasing a sauna kit to set up home sauna, an important decision you have to make is regarding the type of sauna heater you should buy. A heater can affect the performance of your sauna in a large way. To take a better decision while buying, just consider the following things before visiting a dealer.

The four common types of sauna heaters are;

q  Electric
q  Infrared
q  Wood burning, and
q  Gas or propane

The heater case is be made of aluminum, steel, or ceramic.

Electric heaters

Electric sauna heaters can heat quickly and also remain cool outside. There are various models of electric sauna heaters available in the market with different capacities and colors. However, many people decide against electric heaters now due to increasing energy prices. The advantages of electric heaters are;

q  Electric heaters are so popular and available in many varieties.
q  They are easy to control and have advanced features like touch pad control, timer, thermostat, light switch etc.
q  They are so efficient and star-rated heaters also don’t cost so much to operate.

Infrared sauna heaters

Infrared sauna heater can operate at a lower temperature than electric heaters. The working principle of infrared heaters is by converting light directly into heat. The heat gets transferred to nearby objects, but don’t raise the surrounding air temperature. When compared to other saunas, infrared saunas cause more perspiration.

q  The heat of infrared sauna can penetrate deeper into the body tissues than traditional sauna.
q  Ideal for people with joint pain, stiffness, arthritis, and muscle aches etc.
q  Infrared saunas heat up quicker than other saunas.
q  They are more energy efficient compared to other saunas.
q  People with respiratory problems can also use infrared saunas as air is not heated inside infrared saunas.

Wood burning saunas

A wood burning sauna heater is ideal for people who live besides woods and having a source of inexpensive firewood. This is the most traditional type of sauna and still being used for a natural sauna experience. These types of saunas release a special scent, which is loved by many. You need to consider the building regulations and insurance costs at your area too before choosing a wood-burning sauna.

q  Wood heater will be an ideal choice if you have outdoor sauna.
q  Wood burning heaters offer traditional sauna experience, but don't allow to custom set the temperature.

Gas or propane heaters

Rising energy cost is a problem also in case of gas heaters, but many people find it more convenient than wood burning sauna as it only requires minimal effort to operate. You can find variety of sauna heater models using gas, propane, and other fuels to operate. However, these are considered as much inefficient now compared to other models. Some people complaint about the smell of fuel burning also while these saunas work. So, gas‑burning saunas are not ideal for indoor use.
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