Unlock the key to crack the JEE 2016

To seal success for the JEE 2016, it is better that the Key Aspects of JEE 2016 Students Ought to Know must be clear.

Proper knowledge of exam pattern and syllabus

JEE Main and Advanced Syllabus is like a huge stream of river and to score high rank in the paper it becomes necessary to have a deep understanding and a strong foundation for all the 3 subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Math). First of all study and get a good command over all the significant topics and then resolve ample your issues. 

Weightage does matter a lot 

Various topics in the JEE Main & Advanced syllabus obtains more weightage over others, so putting on more focus on weighted important topics will make you gain good marks in the real exam and thus securing you amongst the top rankers. Check for topic wise breakdown of marks weightage to prepare accordingly. Go through the books for IIT JEE recommended by experts, IIT toppers and IIT professors for gaining mastery over the tough topics which obviously have high weightage.  

Study concepts, previous year’s papers is “MUST” as IIT paper pattern keeps revolving

Owning best books for IIT JEE, more and more study material, test series question papers, last year’s papers or going to coaching classes, it is of no use until and unless you contribute sufficient time to read those books and have a clear understanding of what you learn in coaching centers. Students are required to practice the concepts learned at the very same time and not leave them for future as it will prevent them to keep going through the same topic again and again.  IIT paper pattern is unpredictable but if you go through last few years’ question papers you get to know almost about 75% of the exam style.

NCERT books more important than IIT books

It might appear to be quite astonishing of how could NCERT is more important than IIT books, but it is a probable fact that beginning and finishing your IIT JEE Preparation with NCERT could certainly surprise you with high IIT ranking. NCERT is ideal for problem solving, clearing, building and strengthening your fundamentals for important subjects.

Coaching classes are important but on Choice

Experts and mentors at coaching classes impart few impeccable tips and tricks for problem solving so it is relevant to opt for a coaching whether it be online or offline depends on your suitability. .

Benefits of Online Classes for JEE:

·         Study at your own velocity, capability and time availability
·         Video tutorials and lectures can be accessed as many times as a student wants.
·         Saves enough time for self study
·         Online tools enable to track student’s progress easily.
·         Free to put queries across and ask multiple questions
·         Quick interaction is promoted over web with other students

Benefits of Offline Classes for JEE:

·         One-on-One interaction with the lecturer for easy learning
·         Face to face networking with fellow students
·         Scheduling for different topics becomes easy.

Dodge Group study

Learn to say NO to your friends and mates to study together with fun. Group study is not for motivation but for distraction if you are preparing for JEE Mains and Advance. Self study is a valuable tip and trick to get through your upcoming IIT JEE exam.


  • Disconnect from social platforms- It is not the solution to get through IIT or any best private engineering colleges in India as interacting with students and different people help you know what you were unaware of. Being active on social networking sites does not take away your JEE advanced registration
  • Tough, lengthy question in IIT exam- Gone are those days when JEE sets subjective paper with long and complex questions. JEE now tests students for conceptual knowledge and their ability of reasoning out.
  • Do not wait for tomorrow- JEE is for time management preparation and not for time saving, to mess it up all with ample of free time left.
  • Clearing IIT is life changing- Whether you score rank 1 or 1000, it is not a big deal. It will get you to either of IIT’s or at least in any of  top 10 private engineering colleges in India
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