Therapeutic Ultrasound Newport Beach – Some Essentials to Know

Therapeutic ultrasound is a diagnostic modality, which is used frequently by the physiotherapists. This technique is in practice from 1940s onwards. Unlike the general ultrasound scanner machines, in therapeutic ultrasound Newport Beach, screening is administered by holding the ultrasound probe head directly against the body surface of the patient after applying a transmission coupling gel.

Advantages of therapeutic ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound will help reduce the bad effects of an ultrasound with increasing local blood flow, which helps to reduce local swelling and chances of chronic inflammation. This modality also found to expedite the healing of bone fractures.

Based on the desired effect, the power density of the ultrasound can be custom adjusted. Say for example, if scar tissue breakdown is the goal to be achieved, a greater power density is utilized. Normally, power density of therapeutic ultrasound is measured in ‘watt/cm2.’

Noninvasive method for therapeutic administration

Therapeutic ultrasound is used to achieve phonophoresis. This is an ideal non-invasive method to administer medications directly on to the tissues underneath the skin. It is ideal for those who are uncomfortable with injections. At therapeutic ultrasound Newport Beach centers, ultrasonic energy force is used apply the medication to pass through the skin to underlying tissues. Cortisone to reduce cellular inflammation is one of the major drugs applied using this modality.

The most common conditions treated using this ultrasound include soft tissue injuries, tendenitis, muscle spasm, and sub-acute joint swelling etc. The common types of ligament sprains and muscle injuries can also be treated using therapeutic ultrasound.

Treatment modalities

A standard treatment of therapeutic ultrasound in Newport Beach may last about threeto five minutes. However, in case of scar tissue breakdown procedure, the duration of application may be longer. The head of the ultrasound probe is in constant motion during the procedure and the patient will not feel any discomfort at all.

On application of it, the ultrasound waves will generate a piezoelectric effect, which is caused by the crystals on the probe head. These waves passes through the skin and cause constant vibration of the soft tissues underneath. This is called cavitation, which will create a deep heating impact locally. However, no sensation of this heating will be felt by the patient. In some cases where heating is not desirable as a fresh injury with acute inflammation or so, the ultrasound may not be continuous, but will be set as pulsed.

When to avoid this modality?

Contradictions to administering therapeutic ultrasound Newport Beach are the cases of;

¨      Local malignancy
¨      Metal implants underneath the skin
¨      Acute infection locally
¨      Any vascular abnormalities
¨      And most importantly, not directly on to the abdomen of pregnant women.

It is also advised not to apply this ultrasound directly on to active epiphyseal regions (growth regions) in children, over eyes, skull, testes, spinal cord, or to laminectomy areas.

While administered by highly trained and experienced professionals like your physiotherapists and certified chiropractors, therapeutic ultrasound will not cause any kind of adverse or negative effects. However, it is essential to consult your physician and expert physiotherapist for expert opinion on this and it is also important to check your previous medical history before administration of any procedure.
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