SPY VIBER–Know how it work

There are innumerable chat and messengers’ applications available in the market that it is hard to keep up with the growing speed. Children and young adults are aware of everything that is new and exciting. So, Viber is one of them and it is an app which one can download on their smart phone or a tablet.

Viber allows the user to send text messages or even make calls over the internet. This utilizes the data plan and your Wi-Fi connections. This means that the calls and messages are free of cost. Viber messages or calls work only between devices, which have Viber installed. This free app can be downloaded. There may be many apps coming up every day but Viber is fast growing and well known.

Viber allows its users to exchange audio, video, pictures, multimedia images, make free calls and free chats. It is compatible with all the leading smart phones. This software is owned by 250 plus million users worldwide.

Why do you need to spy on Viber?
If you doubt your girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend or children, then, tracking their activities becomes utmost important. For the peace of mind and safety of your children one needs to monitor to check for any unexpected or danger they might be into. Viber spy helps to monitor all calls and messages sent and recover over this platform. That is the Viber platform.

Viber spy picks up all the calls and messages for Viber only. Other spy software’s may not pick up Viber calls or messages as these calls and messages are hidden and cannot be featured in the main messaging or call log of the phone. Therefore, Viber spy helps for monitoring Viber related calls and messages. The contents of all the messages that have been sent are reported by Viber spy. The messages received are also reported and the contents will be visible with help of Viber spy

Call logs are also monitored using Viber spy. By call log it is meant that the phone number to which the call was done, the phone number from where the call was received will be reported. The date, at which the calls were made or received, the messages were sent or received will be monitored and sent.

Photos shared by the Viber are also monitored

The data is easily available through the software and all the details of the calls, multimedia shared the chat conversations can be known with the help of this software. This is specific for Viber which makes it easy to use since the general spy software’s do not cover the details of Viber or any similar free application that is used to calling and chatting.

It is an easy to use and one does not require an actual phone number to get a Viber, it can be downloaded on tablets hence making it more accessible to children and teens. So, what are you still waiting for? Get going with the spy viber now!
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