Qualities Kids Learn In Football

Should children play football? This is a question that many parents ask themselves when it comes to the game. In Cleveland Ohio, there is a football lover who not only passionately watches the game but also writes and shares interesting blog posts and articles about it too. He is Jonathan Bunge!

Jonathan is a very strong advocate of the game of football and says that every child should start playing it early. The game teaches you many salient life lessons. Yes, there are many people who just play the game for the love of it but besides pleasure, this amazing sport also imparts several valuable life lessons to kids. 

One major concern in the USA today is the physical activity levels in kids. They are just sitting in front of the TV or computer and not exercising enough. Jonathan Bunge says that youth football is the only way to get children to run about the field. They are active and this helps in the positive mental stimulation in the child as well. 

Another important lesson that football inculcates in the child are the qualities of teamwork and discipline. Both these qualities should be taught to the child when they are young. What could be a better way than teaching your kid these perfect qualities by the way of football? 

Playing football is the perfect way to teach children how teamwork is important in their lives. The element of trust should be high and you have a deep sense of responsibility towards the team. Moreover, mutual respect is also exchanged when you are playing in the team. The joys of victory and sorrow are shared. In fact, Jonathan says that kids who start playing football early in their lives grow up to become mature and balanced human beings. This is of course positive news. Kids who are social and balanced will also have less behavioural problems.

When it comes to playing football as a kid, Jonathan asks parents to encourage the kid to enjoy the game as a kid. Parents should never expose too much pressure on the kid and tell them to get into a national team. This is again not right and unhealthy for the development of the kid. Football is a game to be enjoyed just for the love of it. 

Football will allow your kid to stay in shape and receive the mental stimulation needed. Jonathan says that he was lucky as a kid as his parents encouraged him to play football. However, in the beginning his mother was very scared of him falling down and injuring himself however with the passage of time, she relented and he is happy that he is now not only a player of the sport but an avid lover of the game as well. 

Jonathan Bunge by profession is in the transport industry and mostly on the road. When he is not travelling he is writing or sharing interesting posts on football in his blog. Besides football, he also loves writing about his other passions that include tattoos and his unique experiences on the road!
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