Protection of Fabric Upholstery and Leather Upholstery with Guardian Protection Products

Many people use furniture in the house with as little care as possible - staining the covers with food or beverages, inks, or cosmetics is quite common. With regular use, these might get dirtier and they would actually be unfit for use too. Bugs and insects start dwelling inside these fabric covers and everyone ignores this fact too. But this said, there are people who might brush or vacuum superficially on the surface level. 

Those who do that would know that if there is any spilling of ink, grease, or food, then it would have to be blotted out fast. But fabric covers on sofa, or couches, have to be removed and cleaned well using stain or spot remover lotions and sprays. Though there are a few reputed brands of stain removers in the market, it is always recommended that you use only the very reputed brands like those from the range of Guardian Protection Products. The company is a pioneer in selling the reputed soaps, shampoos and water-based stain and spot removers. These can be used on the fabric upholstery and even on rugs in the house, if they get dirtied by stains. 

Protection of fabric upholstery and more:

A good way to protect and take care of the upholstery is by keeping it away from sunlight and regularly dusting or vacuuming would surely take care of the dust and allergens that might be lingering in the atmosphere. Exposing bright colored leather sofa or fabric cushions to sunlight every day might ruin the original color and make them fade soon. This is why it is essential that you take care of where you put and what colors you use on your furniture. 

Leather furniture can be kept clean easily with regular damp cloth mopping or wiping. But if you feel that your armchair or leather car seats require a spot removal, then it has to be done only with very good quality of Guardian Protection Products. These products would be helpful in removing stains of:

·         Highlighter
·         Ink
·         Iodine
·         Creams and lotions
·         Juice of fresh fruits
·         Jellies and jams
·         Cosmetics
·         Blood and many other things too

Caring for the stains on leather and wooden furniture:

While you accidentally spill ink, do not try to rub on the surface of the fabric upholstery or leather seat cover with cloth. Just using blotting paper would be the best way to remove the spills from spreading across. You might even try to clean microfibers or washable fabrics that have W or WS on their tags. If the fabrics should only be dry cleaned or should not be washed, then do not use any chemical or even cleaning solvents even by mistake. This would not clean the things rather, the texture might get affected. Just take care to read the directions to use the solvents well enough and then use the Guardian Protection Products properly on the upholstery and furniture. Likewise, do read the method of applying these on the wooden furniture too with care to give your furniture a long life.
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