Online Time Tracking: The Simple Way to Track Employees

Online time tracking can easily change the efficiency in which you conduct your business.  Online time tracking provides the same information as traditionally paper formats, but in an easier to utilize electronic format.  The internet contains various sites and aps that companies can utilize in order to implement online employee time tracking and minimize the stress and headaches associated with conducting normal daily tasks in the office. Online time tracking makes sense as the best option for numerous reasons.

            First of all, the software allows employees to clock in or clock out from anywhere. Many different businesses require their workers to go out into the field and away from the office in order to conduct their work.  Using traditional paper formats when an employee is out in the field can have several issues, but the biggest issues are in the form of whether or not your employee is utilizing their time wisely in the field.  Are they really at the client’s home for seven hours, or did they work for three and hide for the other four in order to get the most out of their work day.  Online time tracking includes GPS functions.  These functions allow you to see where your employees are actually located while they are on the clock.  This is good for both you and your employees, because they know their time is valued and you know that they are working the entire time they are on the clock.  You are only paying employees while they are working, and employees are getting paid for all of the time they spent working. You can review your employee’s timesheets from anywhere that has internet access. Online time tracking also allows you to edit, manage, and make any needed changes to your employee’s time before you approve it.  Once the time has been approved, you can then generate how much each employee should accurately be paid.  This not only allows you the opportunity to review and ensure yourself you are only paying employees for their work, but allows them the reassurance that they will be accurately paid for all of the time they put in as well.

            You can also easily track what your employee is doing.  Online time tracking provides business owners or managers the ability to generating what is called a job costing report.  This generated report will show which employee you have working with which client and on what specific task.  You can go back and see which employee was responsible for any complaints or mistakes made on the job.  You can also properly acknowledge employees for whom you have received exceptional feedback about.  

            As an employer, you can use the program to set up a paid time off program.  The paid time off program will allow you to incorporate vacation, sick, and any other type of paid time off days and a method for which to easily and accurately track this paid time off.  As an employer using this type of program, you will also know the process of editing a timesheet is simpler. Employees can view their timesheets, and may catch something you have looked over.  The employee can then send you a change request for any changes they have noticed should be made.  You and the employee both have ample time to look over the time sheet and approve it before the time sheet is finalized.  This minimizes the amount of complaints you will receive in regards to issues surrounding accurate paid time.

            One thing common among employers is the dread of tackling the daunting task of payroll.  Paper methods make this process even more difficult.  Online time tracking programs eliminate this hassle.  By providing payroll reports and pay slips, you’ll find payroll to be a lot easier to handle.  Payroll reports allows employers to review their employees pay time, regardless of the pay period you are looking for.  Pay slips are the opposite and allow employees to access their pay history any time they wish.  This means that any questions and/or concerns that arise can be quickly and efficiently handled because you will have instant and easy access to any necessary records needed to address the problem.

            Overtime, earning deductions and reimbursements are also made simpler when you utilize an online time tracking program.  You have instant access to an inclusive report that shows how much overtime your employees clocked in and any deductions and/or reimbursements that may have been included on their paycheck.  Your work life will be more organized, more efficient, and more accurate when you utilize and online time tracking program.
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