Great Times For Chicago’s Sports Fans

Chicago is known well for its fascination with sports and the fandom that comes with it. With the Chicago Cubs making it to the playoffs after seven long years and 2015 being a fruitful year, the Cubs are at an all time high. Since they are the only team to have played in the same city continuously since 1876, they naturally have a huge fan following.

Alex Paler is one such sports fan who has been living in Chicago for the past 20 years. Originally from Akron, Alex was drawn to sports quite early in his life. For fans like Alex this spring season is a particularly joyous time as his two favorite local teams Chicago Cubs & Blackhawks are about to start their playing season. 

 There is a lot of hype in the media about the Chicago Cubs this year since they are at an all time high. Making it to the playoffs after a period of seven years, they have won the highest number (97) of games since the past 60 years with a very young team. However, the team does not look content and it is making many a changes in it to make the composition just perfect. Ticking a lot of boxes together, they have a mix of seasoned players like Heyward, Zorbist and Lackey with young ones.

With the players age-curves being just on par, the Cubs do seem like a formidable team. Currently the team in focusing on keeping their health & morale in top shape and improving their speed. Fans too are happy seeing their favorite team prepping up ahead of the big game. Many of the games ardent fans like Alex Paler are also hoping that their favorite team will bring the trophy home this time.

The Chicago Blackhawks too have a mental advantage in the elimination game they play on Saturday. While Kayne & Bossa making a breakthrough with the goals is a plus for the Hawks, Toews remaining goal-less is a definite concern. However, Toews recently said that he will be scoring soon and he is relaxing before the big game. The fighting spirit that the Hawks displayed is definitely good news for the fans and this Saturday is sure to be very interesting.

For the Cubs, Arietta has been a star performer and very unexpectedly so. Buying him was a decision that was initially met with shrugs & a lot of doubts; he has really turned the game around for the Cubs punching out a whopping nine strikeouts in six innings. Despite not being chosen into the All-Star National League, he won the Cy award & pitched the Cubs in the Division Series.

Currently being hailed as one of the best turnaround stories in baseball, Arietta is in his best possible shape physically & mentally. Fans like Alex Paler clearly see a legend in him after what he has achieved and want to see him perform more. There are also talks of naming the Pilates room after him but that is secondary as they have much to achieve in the times to come.    
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