EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS partition master is software which can assist you in partitioning. Through this software, you can do a lot of things such as creating the partition or deleting the partition. It can also merge different partition. It can resize the windows partitions as well as move or migrate the partition. Despite all things, it has also more features as well.  Now this software has made the things very easier and can finish the things in no time. 

Windows 10 resize partition: Through this you get the freedom to resize hard drive partitions under window 10 32 bit & 64 bit OS.  You can shrink or extend volume by the window 10 built-in disk management. For this, you need to do right click on MY COMPUTER, choose MANAGE and you will get a popup window, select DISK MANAGEMENT in the left navigation bar. Now you need to do right click on the partition which you intend to make shrink and choose SHRINK VOLUME, then type a number how much disk space you intend to free up. If there is some unallocated disk space next to the partition which you intend to extend and right-click the partition that you intend to extend, choose EXTEND VOLUME and type the number of that unallocated space. Now window 10 partitions resize is done. In window 10 disk management, there are some limitations in partition management. Since some advanced partition management in windows, 10 is still unavailable when you find your system partition is out of space.

Migrate windows 10 to ssd: It is very hard to migrate windows 10 to small disk since it is not necessary that all the data would probably be fit on the new disk. Generally, such sort of thing is done on the upgraded hard disk on which OS has been installed. And it would take a lot of time to reinstall the window or applications. So we need a tool which could assist in this case. EaseUS partition master can do a lot more to sort out such issues. In order to make windows installation small enough to fit on the SSD, you need to do backup everything and need to delete personal files. Now current disk is cloned onto the SSD and from there all the files have been moved to the original hard drive and restore. In this way, you may enjoy high-speed migration while keeping your files readily accessible on the second drive.  

Move windows 10 to ssd: Moving windows 10 to small disk is a complicated task. In order to fit data on the disk, it needs to do on the upgraded hard disk on which OS has been already installed. Since the installation of windows or applications require a lot of time so EaseUS partition master can do a lot more in this regard. We need to back up everything in order to make small enough to fit on the SSD. This is a good way for high-speed migration.
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