Adding strength to your roofing with quality finish nails

With quality finish nails from leading suppliers of structural fasteners, you can ensure your roof has the additional strength for long-term durability. With high grade 305 and 316 stainless steel nails and screws available with the supplier, you can now have the choice from a wide range of nails of various specifications.

Wide Range of Finish Nails

The range of nails under finish nails category includes:

·         23 Gauge Micro Pins
·         18 Gauge Brads
·         21 Gauge Brads
·         16 Gauge Straight
·         15 Gauge 25° Angle 'FN'
·         16 Gauge 20° Angle 'PDA'
·         15 Gauge 34° Angle 'DA'

Available in various sizes starting from ½” to 1” and onwards, these nails are galvanized and packed in boxes of various counts that include boxes of 1600 and 5000. You can get your orders delivered nationwide within 3 to 5 days with free shipping offer.

Variety of uses

These nails can be used in a variety of applications like furniture assembly, installation of trim wooden delicate parts, use in picture frames, cabinet doors, carvings and for projects that involve assembling delicate timber wood parts. There are nails, which are used in commercial projects where the job involves trim panels for upholstery, moldings, window casings and other uses. These nails are perfectly suitable for both exterior and interior applications. 

There are stainless steel nails that are designed to be of marine grade for preventing discoloration and the rusting of projects that involve redwood, cedar, timber, acid or oil based exotic wood, that are ACQ treated. If you want these nails for multiple uses, you have the option to choose the variety packs, where assorted nails of different specifications are packed. For more information on their uses, you can search online and log onto the official websites.


Categories of these connector/fastener nails can be of three types like:

·         Stainless Steel
·         Aluminum
·         Steel

These nails are also available in a variety of finishes that include:

·         Gray
·         Brown
·         Black
·         White
·         Metallic

You can also get them, choosing by grade that includes:

·         Brite
·         304 stainless
·         316 stainless
·         Hardened galvanized

Other Types of Fasteners

Other types of fasteners being available with these manufacturers/suppliers include screws, staples and Rebar Products. Multiple uses of staples include those of various gauges and screws that are used for woodworks, dry wall, needle point, concrete and cement board and for special applications. 

Choosing options

Not only do you get high quality finish nails , but you also have wide options in choosing the ones that could best suit your purpose. The choosing options that you will get include price range, which starts with as little as $10 to $250 for premium quality fasteners. Another option that you can depend upon, are the reviews which are rated, and help in taking an informed decision.

Other websites of suppliers from where you can source premium quality finish nails are easily available from the internet. Procuring your needs from these suppliers will ensure that your roofing requirements are perfectly met. You can log onto these websites to know how to get these quality fasteners which are shipped absolutely free and that also within 3 to 5 days after placing your orders.
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