Why We Are In Need For Medicines?

We are in need for medicines to cure various diseases. Increase in number of different disease paves way for finding new medicines.  But we must take them in control, over dosage may result in side effect. Rather than this, prolong usage also cause problem in healthy. We must choose medicines based on ingredient added. Some medicine may contain illegal content, which is not good for health.

Here we going to see about Icariin, it is a Chinese medicine used to enhance sexual performance. It extracted from the epimedium plant family. It is collectively referred as horny goat weed; this is also a traditional Chinese medicine.

Today it is more popular for sexual function and also supplement for horny goat weed. The major function of this medicine is, it boost nitric oxide levels, which is more important for healthy male. When compared to other supplements, it yields best result.

For some people they are not fulfilled in sexual activities, in this case this will be perfect choice. But 60% icariin gives more benefits even for athletes and bodybuilder. It helps to increase muscle mass and improve stamina. This enables them to perform well. It received good review from both professionals and non-professionals.

Various researches have conducted in latest period to find out it use in various purpose. It has short half-life of 4 hours. Study has made to cure age illness problems such as diabetes, memory disorder depression. It preserves brain cells to improve memory power. Most adult have tried, heard or seen the sex herb, for this purpose this is more helpful.

Health benefits

This medicine used to treat different diseases, rather than this more researches have conducted to use this for further purpose, to yield better result. Icariin is a flavonol glycoside, widely used in Chinese medicine. But we must use them for occasion, rather than daily need. It recommended taking them as per specified dosage. Some people think over dosage will help in more benefit, it is totally wrong.

Since over dosage may cause other problems, so try to avoid it. For easy purchase we can avail them through online or in nearby pharmacy. While using this, you will get notable changes in your body. To gain more knowledge about its usage, purpose and effect, we can refer websites. Spend some time to know more about its benefits. A study conducted in 2009 resulted that this will prevent cell damage, when they deprived from oxygen or glucose. For proper usage you can get help of health care professionals.

 It is also tested in animals to find its effect. It recommended using them daily three times within the dosage of 480 and 600 mg. we can tolerate it, so no need to get panic about side effect. But long-term usage may cause increased heart beat and irritability. Follow the guidelines specified in it and get doctors help before using this. Since if you have any other problem, then use of this may lead various problems. It is herbal product so no problem of major side effect.
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