What role does a social medium play in Marketing?

Social media is the trend today. It plays a very important role in marketing. So companies, be it small or large today are turning on to social media to market their products. The advantage being, it reaches a bigger audience and there is a direct connect between the company and customer. It encourages fool proof communication between the seller and the consumer.

The key benefits of social media for marketing are as follows-It helps marketers to present their products/services and at the same time listen to customer’s suggestions or complaints. It helps marketers to reach its target audience easily and check for other groups that the targeted audience is part of, thus help in the organic growth of the brand. Reduction in the marketing cost. All this can be done at a very low cost.

Most of the social networking sites are free so the cost is negligible. It helps build new business partnership. It helps in selling more products/services. If a company is planning to launch a new product, for example targeting audience of a particular age group then it is much easier to get their inputs or feedback and know their needs, thus companies would be able to deliver a better quality product. It helps boost the website traffic.

If one places their company URL in their profile then the profile visitors would check their website .This is the virtual version of “word of mouth publicity”.

Startup - Social Media marketing mistakes to avoid

Marketing on social media is not an easy task it takes a lot of work and time. One would be getting responses, queries or general comments from their customers, all of which needs to be addressed within a time limit. A long time taken to respond may not be taken in good spirits. After all then the whole purpose of connecting on social media makes no sense.

Hence one needs to have a team dedicated only for this purpose. Assuming what the target group expects from the business is a very common startup marketing mistake in the social media fraternity.

Hence one must spend good time research entirely about their target group and then understand their respective needs before making any significant investments. Social media may help small business gain popularity with a smartly executed marketing strategy.

However one must remember that it is not a one day thing and indirectly you are competing with the already established major brands and all are competing for the same attention. It is always good to not waste money on paid fans instead create strategy and increase the fan base organically…!

Having a widespread line of follower’s brings in the supremacy of validation and visitors take affirmative action when they witness others sharing a page. However one must remember that social media sites have certain mathematics that analyze and track the user interaction and engagement. And platforms edge the reach of accounts with low engagement rates as it indicates low interest and awareness amongst followers.

Thus, fake followers only harm in the longer run.
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