What can be done to save birds from unnatural deaths?

Birds are slowly moving towards extinction. This is the observation of conservationists who have chosen to monitor and care for birds to save it from extinction that can result in upsetting the ecology which in turn can harm humans. Therefore, it is in our own interest that we should take up the cause of birds’ protection.  To start with, you can take up some good practices that can save many birds.  If you have cats at home, make sure that you keep it under control so that it does not venture out to prey on birds which is a favorite past time for the feline community. The poor birds are so badly affected by marauding cats that more than a billion birds are killed by cats every year in the U.S. There are so many other kinds of threats to which birds are exposed.

Loss of habitat

The natural settings that existed even a few years ago are gradually vanishing as the human population keeps growing. The pressure on natural habitats are growing immensely as open spaces are being filled up rapidly and greeneries are being wiped out to make place for concrete structures. The demand for agricultural land is met up by sacrificing natural habitats that would be conducive for birds. The first and foremost what is required for birds’ protection is to protect the natural habitats which are extremely important for the survival of birds.  Food shortage that arises from lost habitats can make the population of birds starve to death. 

Pesticides and insecticides are deadly

Some pesticides used for agriculture can prove to be deadly for birds that hover around agricultural fields in search of food.  Birds that feed on seeds are likely to be affected by the remaining traces of pesticides in it. Rats may be potential dangers for birds but the use of insecticides and rat poison can be even more harmful or birds. The only way for birds’ protection is to minimize the use of harmful chemicals in agriculture and pest control.

Man-made objects kill birds

Birds dying after colliding on windows of buildings are common in the U.S that records at least two bird deaths per home every year. This is not to say that you should not construct buildings, but there are ways to reduce the possibilities of such accidents that can be fatal for birds. Adopt measures that can protect birds from colliding on windows.

Wind turbines that are gaining popularity as sources of alternative and green energy are also just too dangerous for birds that fly across it. In 2012, there were 600,000 bird deaths in 48,000 wind mills that have been set up across America. Communication towers come third in the list of man-made objects that are responsible for bird deaths. 

Spreading more awareness about what can be done to protect birds is the only way to ensure that it can enjoy many more days on this earth. A more nature friendly outlook and concern for the ecology and environment can improve the figures of fatality for birds which is the need of the hour.
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