Top Suggestions to Help You Plan Your Engineering Career

Need for career planning
Everyone should consciously take control of their career and its direction to ensure they enjoy their job, fast-track their career, have a sense of fulfillment and increase their self-confidence.
Following the suggestions to plan your engineering career:

Self-assessment has a crucial role in planning your career. It helps you to understand your interests, skills and talents. It is important to choose a career in which you are interested in and in which you can perform well and achieve successful.  Self-assessment helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and gives you a hint about which career to practice. 

Once you have identified your field of interest and made up your mind that you want to pursue a career in engineering, you need to take certain steps to convert that dream into reality. Do some research to get an in-depth understanding of the subject. Books, internet and your network will give you an insight of the industry.  Since a degree is essential for an Engineering career, find out the best courses and who offers them by talking to peers, consulting parents and school teachers and visiting Engineering institutions.

Engineering is a competitive field. The first and foremost thing that you will require for the road to an engineering career is a graduate degree. To get admission to any engineering college, you must first appear for JEE. In this examination, your mathematical, logical and analytical skills and knowledge of physics and chemistry will be tested. Search the internet to find out more about the eligibility criteria, syllabus and examination pattern of JEE Main 2016.

Choose a specialization
After you are done with JEE Main and JEE Advanced, get admission to a reputed engineering institution. During the freshmen year, explore all the options and choose the one that you have a knack for, and is best suited to you. There are many different disciplines within the engineering field like mechanical, civil, IT, petroleum, etc to choose from.

Devote time
Your career planning should not come as a second thought after your boss asks about your future objectives. Your career planning should ideally start from the time you are in school. If you are interested in engineering career, you must opt for science stream right in class 9.  It is of extreme importance that you devote enough time to plan your career logically and meticulously. During job, you should set aside some time after every quarter to analyze whether you have achieved your targets, define future goals and contemplate over where you want your career to go.

Seek advice
 A mentor can help you manage your career and give suggestions and tips based on their own experiences. This will help motivate you and make you more successful in the long run. A mentor will push you harder than you would normally push yourself. They can provide a fresh perspective as a third party and help guide and direct a successful career path.

Communicate effectively
Improve communication with colleagues and your boss so that they may be able to give you suggestions and provide guidance. Make sure your boss is aware of your long term career goals. Listening to tem members and communicating effectively with them will reflect your skills as a team player and you may get selected for team leader position.

Pursue a higher course
Pursuing a certification or a degree course will help give a boost to your career. Depending on your area of specialization, opt for industry specific certifications like a Masters or PhD or licenses such as the Professional Engineer, time management courses, and project management software.
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