The Way to Choose Best Coffee Table for Your Home

Are you taking a flat for rent to settle down? Then you definitely need certain furniture. Along with bed and sofa set, you also need a coffee table. You may think buying a coffee table is just wastage when you’re living in a rent house in Mumbai or wherever, but think how awkward it will be when you don’t have anything to place the coffee cups before your guests. A living room without a coffee table looks so dull.

So, before buying a coffee table you need certain tips.

Budget- Maybe you’re living in a rental house or retail shops in gurgaon but you’ll take the furniture while moving in to your own house. So, you can go for the best one. Besides, it is also true that you need lots of other things to settle down like electric arrangements and all. There are several ranges of coffee tables in market. Give some time and pick the best for you.

Space-Ideally, the space between the sitting arrangements and coffee table should be 18 inches. The gap should be in a way that you can pick your mug easily and also stretch your legs without getting injured.

Shape- Another important thing is to check out before buying coffee table. If you have children or pets in your house, round or oval shaped tables are better as the corners of rectangular or square tables may injure them. The difference between the television console and coffee table should be 30 inches so that you get a passage to move comfortably.

Height- A coffee table should be one or two inches shorter than you’re sitting arrangements. Generally, you can buy standard coffee tables which are 16-18 inches long. But if you have higher sitting arrangements, 20-21 inches table will serve you well.

Functionality-Do you want a coffee table with multi-function? There are tables which come with storage spaces like shelves and drawers. Buy such one so that you can keep kid’s toys or old newspapers and magazines there. The storage space also helps to keep the used plates and cups without messing up the table top.

Material-You can’t go wrong while choosing the material.
  • You can buy metal tables to give a corporate look.
  • For a sophisticated look, glass top with brass or steel stand go well.
  • Wooden coffee tables have their exclusive glamour. You can choose from the wide range of oak, walnut, cherry, maple or mahogany.
  • You can also use Lucite which gives the appearance that the table is floating in your room. How elegant, isn’t it?
Style- While buying a coffee table, make sure what you want. Do you want a formal one or informal; a vintage style or a modern table?
  • For creating a contemporary look, you should buy a glass top with metal body.
  • For bringing a rustic beauty to your living room, pick an oak table.
  • Are you a newly married couple? Round table with turned wooden legs will be romantic choice.
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