The Undying Bond Of A Brother And Sister

What goes in your mind when someone just pops the phrase best friend? You must be thinking who was your first best friend or for that matter who all have been the best friends all your life. Once you were enrolled in school, there has been constant flow of people who became your friends – out of them some remained and some left. But long before your social life began, there has been one or two person in your life who engraved the meaning of friendship in your life. 

These are your siblings and you have learnt the value of caring and sharing with them. A brother or a sister has always been your friend in mischief. That’s why it’s truly said that after parents, the second most valuable bond one carries in life is the relationship with a sibling.

All the girls become like a second mother when their younger brother or sister is born. She would then do all the pampering to her younger sibling and the very next time she would also fight with the same person. 

With all these sweet and sour memories our childhood is a stock of immense happiness. The siblings are the greatest secret keepers of us since childhood. 

Be it the first time that you have borrowed money from your grandpa’s pocket, or the first time you eloped from home at night jumping the walls to attend the disco night, or the numerous times you went to stairs to smoke – many of these firsts are kept safe in your siblings heart.

Remember the first crush of your school life? Of course your sister have tried to fix you with that sweet girl and also helped you with all her pocket-money so that you can buy a lovely gift for your sweetheart. Such beautiful bond of a brother and a sister is glorified on the holy occasion of RakshaBandhan or rakhi. 

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Childhood days would never come back but at least you can try to return to the childhood days by taking a walk down the same fields in your ancestral home when you visit there. Time travels really fast and now when you look behind you must be smiling with pleasure. 

Now you both must be busy with your professional and personal lives or may be living in different cities. So, festivals are not so important because whenever you meet you rejoice and celebrate. Because, no matter what your age is, a child would always remain inside your mind.

And it’s absolutely okay to bring out that child sometimes out from the cage and enjoy with your siblings when for some time you don’t have to fear about the morning alarms and office assignments.
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