Retro Styles and Radical Cuts: What Hairstyles Are On Trend And in Style

New year, new style. That's the thought of many who are searching for something shake up thei typical, day-to-day look. One of the most popular ways of branching out and trying something new is with a haircut. And 2016 is ushering in a wave of new styles, cuts and colors to experiment with.

Bring On The Bob

The short and cropped style that was all the rage in the 20s is making a return to the spotlight. Mega-stars such as Taylor Swift have swapped their long locks for this chic and stylish look. The bob is versatile and can be worn in many different textures, but be warned: it will take a while to grow out, so think carefully before making the cut.

Shape Up

One of the more avant garde
current hair trends was boldly embodied by Lupita Nyongo on the cover of Rhapsody Magazine. Instead of an easygoing, casual hair style, the hair is molded into a strong geometric shape. Sharp lines and crisp corners create triangles and squares that have been all the rage on runways and the world of high fashion. Although it is not an everyday style, women with natural, curly or kinky hair can experiment with molding their hair into different, more wearable shapes.

Bangs of All Types

The models at Fashion Week have been sporting blunt bangs in multiple shows. These bangs automatically revamp the entire hairstyle. Straight bangs are edgy and bold, while fringe is bomehmian and give a youthful look to the face.

What about girls with curlier or textured hair? Experts say never to shy away from bangs, no matter hair type. Just talk to the stylist about what shape and length will work best. They can also give advice for styling the new cut.

As with the bob, bangs can take a while to grow out. Thus it is important to make sure styling the bangs will be too much of a hassle and that one is truly prepared for the commitment.

Old is New

Just like fashion, hairstyles go through cycles. These days, the retro styles of the 20s and 80s are finding their place on the Hollywood Elite. Beachy waves and pulled back ponytails are being replaced with sleek, short locks that prove less is more. Making the change and chopping off long tresses are sure to breathe new life into a tired style.
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