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Just a couple of years ago, the only gardening we did on our mobile devices was tending to virtual crops on FarmVille. However, now a host of clever apps and smartphone-compatible gadgets are helping us get real green thumbs. This infographic details the way that digital technology is helping everyone from home-based gardeners to agriculture experts get growing.

With the right apps on your mobile device you can establish a garden and keep it thriving. My Garden Designer offers creative suggestions for using the space at your disposal. Leafsnap is a great pictorial directory of leaves, flowers, and fruits. Because it’s so image-intensive, it’s best used on a device with a large high-definition screen like the Apple iPhone 6S. If your gardening technique could use some fine-tuning, load up Burpee Garden Coach. This tutorial app will soon set you straight.

Mobile technology isn’t just for amateur green thumbs though. A survey from Farm Journal Media found 59 percent of farmers use a smartphone and 44 percent use a tablet computer. They’re using apps to identify weeds, track the weather, and log their activities. They’re also using services like AgriBus-NAVI, which provides GPS guidance for farmers using tractors and other farm vehicles, and Farmer’s Edge Laboratories, which uses satellites and drones to collect useful farm data.

Who would have thought that a smartphone could become the perfect gardening companion? With clever apps and smartphone-compatible gadgets like those outlined, we’re all capable of growing much more than virtual plants. Check out more information about mobile apps and gardening.
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