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Patrick Imbardelli is a reputed and respected personality in the hospitality industry both in America and aboard. He was previously the Chief Executive Officer and President of Pan Pacific Hotel Groups or PPHG. This is a chain of luxury hotels with a global presence in 12 locations across the world. The Pan Pacific Hotel Groups have very high international ratings and is one of the best hotel groups across the globe. The staff and employees of this unique hotel treat all their guests like family members and try to make the hotel feel like home away from home.

The personal charisma and exemplary leadership qualities of Patrick Imbardelli inspired them to put their best foot forward. His cordial and amicable personality was instrumental in fostering healthy and positive relation with various sections including staff, investors, employees and owners

Patrick Imbardelli has been in the hospitality industry for the last thirty years and a wealth of experience of various aspects of the industry. During his tenure with The Pan Pacific Hotel Group, the hotel group has won a number of international awards and recognition. Prominent among them were Top in Q2 2009 Customer Satisfaction, Top in Q3 2009 Hospitality Index from the Market Metrix Hospitality Index and the Overall Winner and Winner in Luxury Hotels Segment for 2008. Patrick also had a successful tenure with The InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and Hilton International.

During his tenure with the Pan Pacific Hotel Group, Patrick was responsible for handling the marketing and brand development of the hotel chain. His impeccable and innovative marketing strategies are aimed at enhancing the service delivery and expansion of hotel operations. This was a positive catalyst in making the Pan Pacific Hotel Group a name to reckon with in the international arena.

Patrick is also a successful brand manager and ensures that all of the products of the hotel are of top quality. According to Patrick, most clients expect to find brand items in their suite like small mementos on their pillows or branded personal care products in the bathroom. However, it is imperative to ensure the quality of the products reflects quality of the hotel and its image. More importantly, it is essential to choose a branding strategy that is cost effective. Even clever, creative and cute branding choices can go long in enhancing client loyalty without burning a hole in the hotel’s budget. These branding choices are effective in ensuring that the clients remember the hotel when they book their vacation in future. 

Patrick Imbardelli is an inspiring personality with exceptional business acumen and leadership qualities. Most of his innovative and groundbreaking strategies in the field of marketing and brand development have propelled The Pan Pacific Hotel Group to international prominence and fame. Patrick says that the brand image of a hotel helps it to create a positive image in the minds of guests with success.  He says when planning for the brand image of a hotel, it is important to carefully select the products which your guests would easily identify with. This will help you take the name of your hotel forward and make guests remember their stay in it with success!
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