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The sale of laptops has been on the rise consistently since the beginning, but there are certain changing trends that are also visible. Nowadays, the demand for high end laptops has gone up as compared to the average ones for office works. Which obviously brings us to the question why such a change is visible? What is special about the users demanding the high end laptops that are differentiating them from the normal laptop users?

High end laptops specifically made for games and multimedia

A closer look at the high end laptops reveal that they are specifically made to play multimedia supported games! This obviously brings us to the question- has the number of online gamers gone up over the recent times?

The simple answer is- yes, it has climbed quite steeply with the newest of generations getting a hold on laptops and the internet. The millennium babies who have reached their teens by now are far more proficient on laptops than the elderlies, and their usage goes beyond normal and simple office usage! These multimedia supported laptops make gaming online easy and also pretty much interesting!

The millennium babies who have reached their teens by now are far more proficient on laptops than the elderlies - even at playing bingo! Their usage goes beyond normal and simple office usage! ​​​​​

Thus, it is no more a wonder to find a teen sitting on her/his laptop for hours without getting bored! If you have a closer look, you can see s/he is entirely busy in winning her/his game in continuation!

How to improve performance in online games?

Online gaming is no kid’s play- it has many pros taking part and the aim for a beginner always remains to beat as many of the rated pros available as possible! But it is not so easy! Like chess, it is a mind game that goes ahead with a lot of preparation and one has to learn the nitty-gritty of the moves, besides developing the mental strength to sustain the pressure at hand!

That is why one sometimes may require an ELO boost! One can improve the performance by miles if s/he registers for such a dose of high level training and proficiency. One  can register on game coaching websites like and the likes wherein one can get many options to improve:-
  1. Professional coaching at basic, medium and advanced levels.
  2. Special requests for boosting performance taken care of.
  3. Be safe- none has been banned using the services.
  4. Remain anonymous- nobody would know about the kind of boost you get!
All of it comes at pretty cheap rates and if one compares with other websites, perhaps has the best of rates in the market! Hire excellent coaches out here at the basic level starting at $15 an hour for learning Rune and Mastery guidelines, basic playing tactics, Champion/Role mechanics and a Duo Que.

At the medium level, one may enjoy the 1v1 option rather than opting for the Duo Que, so that the extra attention of the trainer is ascertained! This costs just $25 an hour. For $35 an hour, one can get trained for the highest of professional level with in depth break down analyses and top-tier gameplay tactics besides the other basic services!
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