Beat The Heat With Trendy Crop Tops For Women!

Summer is here and mercury is rising! With the increased temperatures, everyone wants to wear short clothes so that they will get relief from the sweat and feel cool. Men are wearing various types of vests and there are crop tops for women, which are trendy as well as stylish. Crop tops are nothing but tops which are short in length and, therefore, they allow a glimpse of the stomach of the person wearing that top.

These tops are also called as midriff shirts or belly shirts as they show off the midriff area or the belly button. Generally, the crop tops are only female garments, but even men used to wear them in early years. Ladies also used to wear these crop tops for doing aerobics.

They used to wear it on the leotard or over a tank top while exercising.These crop tops are available in different shapes and lengths so that you can choose the top depending on how much skin you want to show off. If you are not comfortable showing off skin, then you can wear the crop tops over a tank top and still follow the fashion trend.

If you just want to show a sliver of skin, then you can use the longer crop tops and if you are comfortable showing off your midriff then you can opt for the short crop top.

You can create different looks by pairing different types of crop tops with different bottom wear and accessories. However, you have to remember that the crop top is best worn at the beach or at the gym or at festivals like music festivals.

This is because the crop top can never give you a smart and formal look. If you remember this basic rule, then you can never go wrong with the crop top.

Different looks which can be created with crop top for women

  • Smart chic look-If you want to create a smart chic look, then you can pair an open crop top over a tank top. You can team them with a bandage skirt in solid colors. If you use a nude tank top and wear classic black heels, then you will be able to look classy and smart.
  • Cute look-You can look cute for an outing on the beach with friends. To achieve this look, you can wear a solid color crop top over your bright colored bikini. Pair them with denim shorts and you are ready to go. You can also wear sheer or lacy crop top to show off your bikini.
  • Casual look-If you are wearing a long crop top with dark jeggings then you are ready for any casual outing or lunch with friends.
  • Ready to dance look-If you want to go dancing at a club, then you can wear studded or sequined crop tops which will give you a jazzy look. Pair this top with denim or leather skirt and you are ready to dance all night.

These crop tops for women are available in various lengths, colors, shapes, prints, and fabrics. With such a large range of options, you will be able to find something to suit your body type, personality as well as personal type. Even if you are plus size woman, there is no need to shy away from the crop top. You can wear a crop top by accessorizing and layering so that you won’t feel awkward.

The crop tops are mostly worn by women for the comfort they provide. As they are short, they bare a large part of the body; they are perfect for summer or as beach wear, when the temperatures are high. They are also perfect as active wear or gym wear as they allow you better movement. You need to find the crop top with which you are comfortable and then pair it in different ways with various accessories as well as shoes so as to create different looks.
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